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Do’s and don’ts you need to follow for a pleasurable Jungle Excursion

pleasurable Jungle Excursion

A visit to an amateur jungle would be an innovative experience for many of us. People, who are usually fed up with huge cities and pollutions, prefer spending some time in the jungle with Mother Nature and wildlife. If you are a wild life lover, you might find it quite exciting to visit a jungle on an excursion. Many of us love adventure and want to go through every unpredictable thing life has to offer. What would be more enchanting than seeing live animals hovering around you? You might find an opportunity to come across many new plants and animals you have ever seen. However, visiting a jungle is exciting and dangerous as well if you do not take appropriate preventive measures.  If you want to enjoy your jungle excursion and return home safely, you need to keep few tips in mind for your safety.

Let us discuss few of the tips, which will help you enjoy the tranquilizing beauty of the jungle in a more positive and tense free manner.


  1. While traveling through a dense jingle, you should carry at least baggage as it would help you restore your energy.
  2. You may avail yourself with sunglasses, sunscreens and sunhats to avoid the scorching sun to make sunburn on your skin.
  3. You may carry medication with you if you are prone to any kind of allergy.
  4. During a jungle excursion, you should wear clothes that cover your complete body. Covering your hands and legs are more important as the poisonous insects and plants, which might result in severe allergies in your body, are adequately present in a jungle.


  1. You should avoid wearing bright colors in a jungle as it might disturb the animals and they might attack you. So try to wear clothes that blend in the natural background of the jungle. Wear sport shoes instead of floaters or sandals.
  2. Do not show your enthusiasm by making unwanted noises in the jungle. It might disturb the animals and you will be attacked as a result. Maintain your calmness even you are attacked by an animal and take appropriate steps to avoid the situation.
  3. Do not disobey the instructions of your guide as the guide is well aware of the way the jungle behaves. Do stick to your tour group.
  4. You should refrain yourself from feeding the wild animals as their behavior might change at any point of time and you will be the one to suffer. Do not smoke or litter in the jungle as the jungle serves home to many animals and no one like their habitat being polluted by outside waste.
  5. It would be quite exciting to see real moving animals in front of you but be sure you do not go very close to them as they might get frightened and attack you for self-defense.
  6. You may take photos in the jungle but ensure your camera flash does not irritate any animal.

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