Do’s and don’ts that make your Russian summer trip a success

Russia can be particularly magical during the summer. If you are planning on visiting the country during summertime, you would need to remember the following dos and don’ts of local etiquette.



1. Enjoy lazing about in a park

Russians love hanging out in the park with their friends or with a book during summer time. It is a quintessential summer time activity. If you too want to enjoy Russian summer the authentic way, include this activity in your itinerary.

2. Read up about Russian history

Reading up on Russian history will allow you to really soak in the grandeur and spectacle of the magnificent nation. Steer clear of authors that are known to be prejudiced to get a more accurate understanding of Russian people.

3. Bring an umbrella and raincoat

Summer time in Russia is fairly pleasant though it may rain unexpectedly especially in the northern regions. Remember to bring an umbrella and a raincoat with you.


1. Be unmindful of your belongings

Thanks to the sheer number of travelers visiting Russia during the summer, the crowded spots in the country become prone to incidents of pick pocketing. These pickpockets are very sly and clever so you should always be very mindful of where your phone, camera, bag etc. are when you are in a crowded spot.

2. Take a day train

If you are the kind of person that cannot stand heat, you should avoid taking the train during the day. Trains in Russia aren’t too well ventilated and often get rather hot during summer. If you must travel by a train during the day, remember to crack open a window and carry plenty of water with you.

3. Forget that polar nights are genuinely nights

Being close to the North Pole, the sun is almost always up through the summer in Russia. The 24 hour sunlight makes it easier for most people to forget that a polar night is still night and that you would need to be careful when venturing out during this time.

4. Wear dirty or provocative clothes in church

Backpackers don’t have the best reputation for being clean or mindful of how their clothes look to the locals. However, you would need to be mindful of what you’re wearing before entering a church. Remember to have clean, respectful clothes and shoes on before you enter a place of worship in Russia.


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