Do’s and don’ts to remember for safer hotel stays

Staying in hotels has always been slightly risky. However, in the modern world, a stay in a hotel comes with new safety and security concerns. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that can keep you safe during your hotel stay.



1. Be courteous

No matter how high end a hotel is, offering diva behavior to the staff will not be conducive to your stay. Be courteous to staff. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ as needed. They are the hotel’s employees, not your slaves.

2. Get to know the hotel’s policies

Some hotels have a strict policy about check-in and check-out times, bringing other guests with ID to your room and the opening and closing times of the kitchen. You can ask them their policies when you get check-in just to be safe.

3. Inspect the room

The first thing that you should do after check in is to inspect the room- both for cleanliness as well as security. See if the locks work properly, examine the fire escape plan, check the room and bathroom for hidden cams and examine the cleanliness of the sheets, towels and utensils. If these aren’t up to your standard, you can ask for a different room right away.

4. Tip appropriately

Most employees at the staff rely on tips. Bellboys, housekeeping staff and wait staff should be tipped appropriately.


1. Disrespect the hotel’s property

You must respect the hotel’s property as you are a “guest” there. This means that you shouldn’t use the hotel towel or sheets to shine your shoes, throw garbage on the floor, spill things on the carpet, leave used towels on the floor or damage the furnishings in any way.

2. Accuse hotel staff of theft

In 99 percent of all cases, it is found that people that had accused hotel staff of theft had in fact misplaced their belongings themselves. Please do a thorough search of your room before you make such an accusation.

3. Leave your luggage unattended in the lobby

If you haven’t engaged the services of a bellboy, your luggage is your own responsibility till you reach your room.

4. Bring strangers back to your room

Bringing a stranger back to your hotel room might be a fantasy for some, this is actually a rather risky move. Not only does it compromise the security of the hotel itself, it also poses a potent threat to yourself and your belongings.

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