Do’s and don’ts of traveling in Italy

The beautiful Italy is a great tourist spot. Every ardent traveler has Italy listed at the top of their travel wish list. You can read travel blogs and guides for forming an idea but only a practical experience will teach you what is best. Exploring should definitely be done but not recklessly. There is so much to observe, love and taste that a mere 3 to 4 days will not seem long enough. Italy is magnificent and distinct in its culture, history, food and heritage. Knowing some useful dos and don’ts will help you do the right things and have a great trip.



1. Travel by public transport modes: The public transport modes are really very good and they charge you less than rental cars or cabs. Best way to see the cities is to walk. The taxi fare is fairly high in posh cities like Rome and Milan. In times of on-going strikes, demonstrations and rush hours the buses and traffic in general move very slowly. Walking would be the best solution on such times.

2. Drink the tap water: Italy’s water is clean and drinkable. If you want to save some bucks then mention tap water in your restaurant orders.

3. Buy wine: Good quality wine is cheap in Italy. If you really want to enjoy Italian cuisine then wine is a must. A bottle will cost you $4 or more. It would be wise to buy your own bottle than going to a pub for drinking. You can also buy some wine for gifting.

4. Eat street food: The Panini and pizza sold on the small vending stores are good enough. You don’t have to spend huge sums on every meal you eat. Try the street food that is less expensive than the restaurants and cafes.


1. Don’t miss the Venice Carnival: Try to arrange your trip so it falls in the time of the Venice carnival. It is held in February and is a great fest that you should take part in. If budget permits then take part in the masquerade dancing.

2. Don’t hesitate in couch surfing: As accommodation is very costly in Italy the best you can do is make arrangement with the locals who will provide bed and breakfast and even more at a much lower price. Do not tip the waiters unnecessarily. Remember that the bread basket they offer to you comes with a price tag.

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