Do’s and don’ts for driving in Europe on your vacation

A driving trip across Europe sounds fun and exciting, so you should not let such an opportunity pass in vein. You can of course opt for more famous and convenient traveling options like travel buses and trains, but no other public transportation medium can match the charm of driving yourself through European country roads. Driving is sure lots of fun and gives you freedom but you need to follow the driving rules and maintain them or else you may have to pay huge fines. The following driving dos and don’ts are specially for travelers who are planning to drive in Europe but don’t want to be harassed by the traffic rules.



1. Get the license: Different European countries have different driving license requirements. You must be eligible for driving in a particular country or city if you want to travel in car. Best thing you can do is get an international driving license before going to Europe. This way you will not fall in trouble at the checkpoints. Keep your documents arranged and filed for checking always.

2. Plan ahead: A little careful planning is definitely necessary for a successful road- trip in Europe. You will need GPS and maps for navigating the roads and finding the restaurants, motels and petrol pumps. Get the right apps for your phone and use them carefully. While planning draw your own maps as to where you will begin and how far you will go. Driving gives lots of freedom and you can choose your own ways as you please.

3. Be careful: You don’t want to get tickets often in a foreign country. You have to be very careful on the European roads because the Europeans are quite aggressive drivers and you need to keep your eyes strictly on the roads.


1. Don’t mistake fuel prices: The fuel prices are really high in Europe. You should be careful while calculating the cost of fuel price. In Europe you will have to pay per liter and not per gallon. Right calculations can save you some bucks and harassment.

2. Don’t drive in busy seasons: Avoid the months when the Europeans holiday with their families. On the months of July and August there is a huge traveling crowd that moves through the roads leading to traffic jams and road accidents. Drive through Europe in autumn or spring months when the traffic is light.

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