Do’s and don’ts of booking your trips online

booking your trips online

Booking your trip online is becoming increasingly popular among travelers of all age groups. With so many people using modern technology and smart phones, booking online seems the right way to go. But you must follow some dos and don’ts strictly for making the right choices and getting the best deals. There are some really great websites that offer best travel packages and deals but some others just try to scam you. Knowing your way through the travel web online is the main key to all problems. Following are a set of instructions to help you do your travel booking online safely.


1. Book from the best websites: You may find unbelievably cheap deals in some less popular websites but trusting them completely will be a mistake. Buy your flight tickets and book your lodging from the best websites. Find out the top rated websites through a search and then go to the top three for checking offers.

2. Check the service quality: Customer support of a website reveals their professional ethics and interest in work. Go to the FAQs page and read about the customer service and other details. Find out if you can cancel your order or not.

3. Cut off the extra: Sometimes the hidden cost can really add up to form a huge bulk. This bulk you will have to pay without any good reason. Eliminate the extra cost of food, blankets on short distance flights. You also don’t need to pay extra for bag allowance or better seats.

4. Do follow the instructions: Ignoring the instructions might get you into trouble. Avail all the discounts that you can and use the promotional codes in your favor. Read the terms and conditions page carefully. If possible make a small transaction before booking with bulk load of money.


1. Do not forget to get details: Most websites now days send a confirming text message on your cell phone. But you should still write down the details in a pad. Information like booking number, flight and seat number, name of hotel are necessary details you will need for pressing your case if things go wrong.

2. Do not totally depend on websites: Talk to people who have visited the place you are travelling to and gather information offline as well. Call the hotel you are planning to book and talk to a manager. Check if there is any special offer or some seasonal offer.

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