Do’s and don’ts of safe and happy traveling

Traveling brings immense joy to us and teaches us new things, broadening our world view. Without a holiday at some exciting and beautiful place life, at least once a year, life can be pretty dull. We travel for both work and pleasure. Whatever may be the purpose behind traveling, following some safety rules is necessary. Life is very unpredictable and you have no idea what might happen with you and your family in a strange land. You better stay safe than be sorry afterwards by following the safety rules described in this article.



Arrange the appropriate documents

While traveling to foreign countries you will need to have passport, Visa and other documents. Make sure that the plane tickets, travel plans and all other documents are in order. Any mistake in this direction can cost you a lot. You can fall in danger with the customs officers if your documents are not in proper order. The modern way of safeguarding your travel document is scanning them. Keep them in a pen-drive with you and also self-mail them.

Divide your money and cards

You have a big, fat wallet, bulging with different sorts of cards and money but it is not advisable to keep all your money at a single place. Separate your money and cards and do not carry all of them at once. Stash some at the hotel locker or keep some of it at your hotel room itself.

Take the right medicines and vaccines

Pay a visit to your doctor before leaving for the holiday and get yourself thoroughly checked. If necessary you may have to take vaccines. Pack a first aid kit containing all necessary medicines, and band-aids. If you fall sick then the fun will get ruined.


Do not trust any stranger

Even if the stranger seems totally reliable, polite and sweet, do not completely trust them. Many people have been robbed and even killed by trusting strangers. They may offer to take you to a popular food joint or offer you a tour to unconventional tourist spots and it may sound like fun. Always decline such offers and do not go out for drinking or bring them back to your hotel room.

Don’t be lenient toward travel insurance

You may get injured while holidaying or lose your luggage abroad. Travel insurance is the best way to get rid of such problems. Get one that covers all your needs.




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