Dos and Don’ts of in-flight gadget use

Gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets have become a big part of our lives today. However, travelers are asked to switch their internet-enabled electronic drives like phones, tablets and laptops off during flights for safety reasons. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of in-flight gadget use that you need to be aware of.


Put your gadgets away when the seatbelt sign is on

Usually, flight personnel tell you when you can and can’t have your tablets and laptops out during a flight. But it is generally a better idea to keep your laptops, etc. stashed in your carryon when the seatbelt sign is on as these devices may get airborne, hurt you or someone else or get damaged.

Keep spare lithium batteries in bubble wrap

Spare lithium ion batteries need to be stored in bubble wrap individually as they may cause sparks if their contacts points come in contact with each other or other flammable materials.

Check if your airline allows use of external HDDs

External HDDs are known to cause electromagnetic interference with the communications and navigation of the cockpit. Before you use them in-flight, you need to check with your airline if they permit the use of these drives or not. If they don’t, you can safely use CDs or flash memory card readers instead.


Don’t forget to ask for a detailed in-flight gadget use policy

Most airlines have their own standards of in-flight gadget use. So instead of assuming that a new airline will have the same gadget use policy as the one you have traveled frequently with, simply calling their customer care service and confirming in-flight gadget use policy would be easier.

Don’t view objectionable content on board

Aboard an airplane, the person in the seat next to you or in the opposite aisle seat a rows behind you gets a good view of whatever you are watching or viewing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. If the material on your screen is objectionable, contains nudity or is pornographic in nature and it is within the view of a minor, it may be considered a sex offence.

Remove your laptop from the seatback tray when getting drinks

Many a good laptop has been ruined when a stewardess accidently spills a liquid or food on a laptop placed in the seatback tray when someone bumps her from behind in the aisle. So, when you or the passenger in eth seat next to you is being served some liquid, you should remove your laptop from the seatback tray and hold it close to your body.

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