The region of Cyprus possesses a mixture of different influences which makes it one of the most unique destinations in the world. Its close distance to Asia and Africa give it a distinctive blend of East and West. Referred to as the ‘Island of Aprhodite’, tourists flock to this island to soak up the sun and sand, this beautiful region has to offer. The vast history in Cyprus coupled up with more modern infrastructure makes this island in the Mediterranean a must visit for the travelers.


The most well oriented island in the Mediterranean is Cyprus. It is located at the point of crossing of 35-degree north latitude and 33-degree longitude. It is situated on the frontier between Asia and Europe. After Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus is the largest island in the Mediterranean. The total area it occupies including small islands like Klidhes is 9250 square kilometers. In terms of area, Cyprus occupies around three fifth of the total size of Connecticut state.


The people of Cyprus have excelled in different fields and represented their nation in several internationally recognized stages. Due to their talent and friendly nature, the people play a very important role in both domestic and international circuits and that makes Cyprus proud of its citizens. The people are very enthusiastic about their cultural beliefs and festivals.


Events and large festivals are the integral part of the life of Cyprus citizens. These include dance, music and exotic food. These events mostly attract a large group of travelers from various parts of the world. The music events in Cyprus attract many musicians from worldwide especially between the months of May/June every year like Bellapais Music Festivals.


Cyprus is blessed with abundant sunshine more than any of the other Mediterranean resort. It receives brilliant sunshine more than 320 days a year. Here summers are dry and warm providing excellent conditions for water sports. During winters, the climatic conditions are very mild.

LanguageGreek, Turkish
Time ZoneEET(UTC+2) summer EEST(UTC+3)
Dialing Code+357
Electricity230V, 50Hz
Major CitiesNicosia, Larnaca, Pafos, Limas sol
ClothingIn summers, lightweight fabrics and light-colored clothing are the best to beat the heat. As for winters warm clothes such as jacket or sweater are appropriate.
 Health Related
Mortality Rate6.8 deaths/ 1000 population
Life ExpectancyM 78/ F 83
Hospitals JCI accredited1
Recommended VaccinationHepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Diphtheria-tetanus, Measles, Varicella and Poliomyelitis.
Other InfectionHIV, Tick-borne relapsing fever, Brucellosis
 Tourism Related
Global Competitiveness3.85
Tourism Competitiveness4.9
Health and Hygiene5.6/7
Safety and Security6.2/7
Air Transport Infrastructure4.7/7
Tourism Infrastructure6.6/7
Cultural Infrastructure3.1/7
Visa Requirements40/133
Reliability of Police Services30/133
Physician Density47/133
Hospital Beds46/133
Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure44/133
International Air Transport Network53/133
Quality of Roads15/133
Hotel Rooms1/133
Tourism Openness7/133
Attitude of Population Towards Foreign Visitors21/133

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