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There are so many things that we usually take for granted and fail to understand their value. Fresh, clean air full of oxygen is one such thing. Everyday human activities pollute the air we breathe and we inhale the pollutants along with oxygen. This leads to several health disorders of serious nature. In places like Beijing, Henan, Shandong, and Hebei the air is so polluted that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to inhabit these places. In Beijing thick smog has kept the entire area covered for months and many children have been admitted to hospitals due to respiratory problems. On the contrary there are places which have least amount of pollutants in the surrounding air and you can breathe in fresh, clean air. Clean air is effective in decreasing your health problems and curing your diseases. You must visit some of the places where clean and oxygen rich air is still available. In the following you will find the names of some places with cleanest air.



This scenic country full of natural beauty is situated at the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. The reason why Estonia tops this chart is that 47% of its total landmass is still covered in forests. Natural vegetation and forests are like sponges. They absorb the air polluting gases and increase the amount of oxygen in the air. WHO organized a survey to rate countries which have the cleanest air and Estonia topped the chart. You will enjoy the lovely sights and natural abundance of this glorious country. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn and you can start your journey from there. Visit the gulfs, lakes and islands of this country for breathing cleanest air and enjoying a healthy holiday.


If you are planning to visit the mountains and want to get rid of the daily city life then Iceland is the ideal holiday country for you. It is a part of Europe but still it has managed to retain its own individuality. Being an island it enjoys a separation from over-populated neighboring countries. Iceland is not only beautiful but it also has clean, breathable and fresh air that is a pleasure to every breather. A holiday in the quaint mountains and ice-blue seas will revive your sore spirits.


Despite of being densely populated, Sweden has kept its surrounding atmosphere cleaner than most countries and it has got an environmental performance index score of 86.3. Environment pollution is one of the greatest concerns of mankind. It can be controlled if awareness is spread among the mass and every individual attempts to bring it down. The high literacy rate of the Swedish populace indicates that proper education makes people conscious about the ill-effects of air pollution. Sweden provides the travelers and the residents with pure and clean breathing air. A holiday here will surely make your lungs happy.


According to a survey conducted this year, Norway is the 5th most livable country in this world. It is definitely one of the wealthiest countries of Europe and the government of Norway has done the best it could to protect its natural beauty and resources. There are numerous beautiful places in Norway that you should visit.


The romantic and seductive charm of Mauritius is not the only plus point it has got. It is also one of the few places on the world which has clean and fresh air. A holiday at Mauritius can be truly rejuvenating. Thousands of honeymoon couples visit this island every year but you can go there with your family as well. It has been declared the forth country to have most fresh, breathable air.


Canada has better quality of air than most other countries of its stature. Canada has been able to maintain the quality of breathable air despite of its thriving and expanding industries. They have observed strict pollution control protocols to give the guests and inhabitants of the nation a better dwelling place. Whitehorse, located at the northern part of Canada, has the best and cleanest air and it is the biggest city on that region.


For a long and leisurely holiday you must visit Colombia once in your lifetime. The authorities of this country have been very strict regarding the maintenance of bio-diversity and natural vegetation. Travelers get all modern amenities and can spend a luxurious holiday here, basking in the sun. The sea turns sapphire from azure from time to time and there is a lot to see around this scenic country. The Tyrona National Park has protected the natural flora and fauna of this country and kept many species from extinction. It is the strict regulations regarding environment pollution that helped Colombia keep its air clean and fresh for ages. It is a good destination for your next exotic holiday.




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