Best places for a breakup

Breakups…an element that shaken up our entire lives and send us rolling down the depths of gloom. Yet, one can’t totally obliterate it from one’s lives, for one never knows how or when it may occur. In such a case, one wouldn’t surely want the ending of a relation to be messy. One would surely want to do it as cleanly as possible. The irony is that it is so much like a homicide, wherein you would want the kill to be as neat as possible, without any messy throwing of objects or the victim shouting out.

Thus, given this situation to consider, you should probably, for the best, not do it in a place that holds some emotional importance for your partner, in fear of souring the memory of that place. At the same time, it is best not to commit a breakup at a vacation, for if you do it in the duration you risk the spoiling of the rest of the vacation. If you do it at the end, it will seem selfish and also will lead to the tainting of all the good memories.  Good places to do “it” could be public places like restaurants or other outlets, for humans by nature are more conscious of their surroundings than themselves. Therefore, the chances of a respect derogatory fight are considerably slackened. Family and friends should be absent, as this leads to people taking sides and the fighting turning to in-fighting.

Therefore, in consideration of all these, the best places are by far places that allow for some kind of preoccupation of the mind, such that one does not have the time to concentrate on the breakup. Places where people go to party, like Vegas and Ibiza are good options in such a case. Places that are spiritual hubs, such as are found all over the world could also be a good option. A conventional option would be to sign into a divorce hotel, popular in the Netherlands and also found in other parts of the globe, where you get a peaceful atmosphere to facilitate the process. Sounds kind of odd, but that is the world.

Lastly, one very unconventional option would be to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. This is a museum that collects on artifacts of broken love and such, like torn love letters and other tokens. It reminds one that you are not the only one in the world and that if others could get through you too can.

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