Best locations that any avid skydiver will love

If you are an enthusiast who loves adventure, then you might also love to try flying through the air sometime in your life. Skydiving instantly gives you an adrenaline rush and a magical feeling. Whether you are an expert at skydiving or planning to go for your first jump, some destinations can make you fall in love with this adventure sport. Check out which locations are most considerable when you wish to give a try to this high-altitude extremity.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

This location is already well known around the world for its adventurous nature. Here, people love getting involved in a variety of adventure and extreme sports. Several lakes, glaciers and seas enhance the beauty of this destination. The infrastructure is very well developed for extreme sports. There are highly skilled and trained instructors who can offer you a thrilling skydiving experience even if you are taking a dive for the first time. People of all skill levels enjoy comfortable skydiving at this wonderful location.

Interlaken, Switzerland

If you love snow-covered mountains like Alps, you may visit the beautiful location of Interlaken. Here, you may enjoy skydiving while receiving a stunning view of glaciers and mountains. In addition, it is quite cost-effective to take a dive at this place. You would not have a boring trip once you are done with skydiving at Interlaken. You may enjoy many other activities, such as paragliding and river rafting. All this together can make your adventurous trip to this place worthwhile and memorable.


Dubai, the emerging destination has been getting famous for its skydiving activities. You can receive a wonderful experience of taking a dive in Dubai. To accompany this, Dubai also offers marvelous views of private beaches, tall buildings and beautiful islands. You may enjoy a ride to the desert, as well as Dubai’s nightlife after you are done with your skydiving activity. Thus, this place offers much more than just skydiving.

Seville, Spain

This naturally beautiful location offers a lot in terms of adventure. When you take a dive from an aircraft high up in the sky, it is not all over with just one ride. There are a variety of skydiving courses that are conducted at this place for residents and tourists. You may learn the intricacies of skydiving if you are an avid skydiver. Besides this, if you are an expert at skydiving, you may take a plunge even from a height of 15,000 feet. These dives also let you experience the amazing world around you. However, the experience does not matter if you have a keen interest in trying this adventure sport. There are all kinds of dives available for people of varied skill levels, choices and budgets.

Wollongong, Sydney, Australia

The beauty of Sydney is undefined and it becomes more attractive when you are coming down from the sky. For a splendid view of Sydney, as well as Australian coastline, you may opt for skydiving. You might also check out some marine life if luck is with you. Thus, this place combines beauty with adventure.

Le Marche, Italy

When you are looking for a combined experience of wonderful cuisine, art, culture, special wine and skydiving, come to this marvelous place called Le Marche in Italy. The splendid view of the Adriatic Sea at this destination is more than a sufficient reason to take a dive from its skies. If you are looking for a relaxation spot, Le Marche is the best place to visit.

Santa Barbara, California

For those of you who are starting their skydiving practice, this destination is one of the best spots for attempting tandem skydiving. You will additionally get spectacular views of the coastline. The skydiving activity, which starts here, ends up near the Pacific Ocean. This gives you many opportunities to try out other sports too. You can also go for surfing and sightseeing.

Mt. Everest, Nepal

Would you not want to come down the world’s highest mountain peak? If you would, you are the real appreciator of skydiving. Mt. Everest is a dream location for avid skydivers who wish to gain an ultimate and thrilling experience from their dives. There cannot be a better place than this for skydiving, and that is the reason people have to pay a good amount of money to take a dive here. However, that is not all. You will also have to make a reservation well in advance if you are interested in enjoying the dive, along with the scenic beauty of this place.

For skydiving activities, Mt. Everest hosts only four trips annually. That makes it a little difficult to get yourself registered for the activity. However, your skydiving experience can become memorable for a lifetime if you are lucky to make a place in any of the four trips. Get set and make a move now.

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