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Best food items avilable in Bali Restaurants – Top 10 Cuisines in Bali Restaurants

Indonesian cuisine - Many traditional Balinese dishes on the table

The island of Gods’ as Bali is known as, is the best place to escape for a holiday. If you’re planning to spend time in Bali, chances are you’re looking for good sights, good people, a good time, and obviously, good food. We list for you the top ten types of cuisine available in Bali for you to try out. Not only are cuisines of distinct origins available, but the cosmopolitan environment has mixed characteristics of many of the types of food available, leading to a huge variety of foods.

  1. Balinese: A special form on Indonesian cuisine, Balinese cuisine is characterized by its quickly-prepared, richly-flavoured, spicy delicacies that make for a quick, wholesome bite while on the go, and can even be eaten at one’s leisure at a local, bustling eatery.
  2. Indonesian: Spicy and with coconut milk, most Indonesian cuisine is served on banana leaves with a variety of spices and hot chilli sauces. Coconut milk is often a signature part of Indonesian cuisine, and is seen in many of the dishes served all around Bali. The addition of mind to hot spices provides a range of foods for everyone’s tastes.
  3. Indian: With colourful, rich spices, and authentic ingredients, there’s no way to go wrong with Indian cuisine. Affordable and delicious, there are many Indian cuisine restaurants available in Bali for you to try out. If you love foods with rich flavouring, and a variety of spices and ingredients, this is the food for you
  4. Chinese: A fan of sauces and sweet-spicy combinations? Chinese cuisine is available in plenty in Bali, and the quality makes sure you’ll get what you pay for. With a variety of meat and sauces, Chinese cuisine focuses on just how much flavour can be put into fish and meat.
  5. French: One of cuisines available for the person who loves Western food, French cuisine delivers a variety of textures and tastes, from sweet to mildly spicy and sour. Using ample amounts of cheese, milk, and wheat, this cuisine is best for someone is unable to enjoy high levels of spices.
  6. Italian: Slightly spicier than French cuisine, this is available in a variety of outlets throughout the region, and is best for people who like their food to have a crunchy texture, or to be richly flavoured with sweet sauces, and have the thick consistency found in most Italian foods.
  7. Indo-Chinese: The most common ‘hybrid’ cuisine, this is available primarily as street food on stalls. It’s made by mixing the smooth texture of Indian cuisine and the tasty sauces from the Chinese. Less intense spices enable people to enjoy the food without unpleasantly hot tastes.
  8. German: Slightly rare, German cuisine is minimalistic in fashion, while still retaining the pleasure of eating for the foodie. Usually compact foods, they feature well-cooked meat items which one can eat on the go, and still enjoy.
  9. Franco-German: A western mix of cultures and societies, Franco-German foods are light, on-the-go foods which have the characteristics of both its parent cuisines. Easy to carry, and delicious to eat, it is also well-flavoured and is extremely fine compared to usual junk food. A must-try for the curious foodie.
  10. Franco-Chinese: One of the most exciting foods available in Bali, this combination is simply amazing because of all the qualities of both cultures that has come together so seamlessly. This cuisine combines flavours and finesse of French cuisine with the cooking variety and technique of the Chinese. The restaurants of Bali offer international flavours, and this does not mean that the local flavours go missing. You can also enjoy cultural performances, when you choose to have an open dinner.


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