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Italy Tourist Spots – Top 10 lovely tourist destinations, Tourist Attractions, Holiday Spots, Places to visit in Italy

Italy. Lombardy. Lake Como. The village of Bellagio

Top 10 lovely tourist destinations in Italy

Italy is one of the best tourist destinations in the whole wild world. Each and every aspect of this place attracts the tourists and this is the main reason for it to be one of the best tourist attractions of all times. Below mentioned are the top 10 destinations of this place.

  • Towers of San Gimignano – San Gimignano is a well-known places that includes 14 stone towers. There were 70 towers built for the purpose of defending against the enemies. This is one of the renowned places that should never be missed.
  • Manarola – This is known to be one of the very old town of Cinque Terre. It includes 5 villages that are very famous for its natural beauty. These towns sprout out of mountainside for the purpose of providing with breath-taking view of Mediterranean sea.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa – This tower is known to be of the very oldest towers of Italy. The construction of this tower was started in the year 1173. But, the tower began to sink as the foundation was very poor.  It is a tower that includes 296 steps and is one of the important places of Italy.
  • Lake Como – This lake is a part of Italian Lake District and is known to be a heavenly place as it is a perfect combination of clear water, fresh air, huge mountains and amazing weather. You can also find many attractive villas that have been in existence since the Roman times. The gardens of this place are something that needs admiration
  • Positano – This is known to be a small town that is situated on Amalfi Coast. It is a well-known place that consists of various components like scenic beauty, rugged terrain, picturesque towns and a lot more things. This is a very important tourist attraction of Italy.
  • Pompeii – The life of people before 2000 years is clearly displayed here. Due to the volcanic eruption, each and every monument and thing of this place have been preserved. This is known to be a wonderful tourist attraction of all times.
  • Piazza del Campo – This is known to be the public space of historic centre of Siena. It is well-known for its brilliant architectural beauty. It is known to be one of the greatest medieval squares of Europe.
  • Santa Maria del Fiore – This cathedral was built in the very beautiful Gothic style. The construction of this cathedral was built in the year 1296 and was completed in the year 1436. The exterior is known to be designed with polychrome marble panels. It is the largest brick dome that is constructed ever.
  • Colosseum – This is known to be the largest and renowned amphitheatre in Rome. The construction of this monument was completed during 80 AD. It is featured with 80 entrances through which more than 50000 people can be accommodated. There is also a velarium that is fixed on top of the attic.
  • Canals of Venice – This is often known as City of water. It is a very romantic place featured with the best Italian architecture. There are more than 150 canals here and is known to be a very important tourist attraction of Italy. Venice city, which served the bridge between east and west offers the most interesting canals. The churches to visit are magnificent.

When you travel to Italy, you need not worry much about the expenses. You can travel by train and this mode of transportation is very inexpensive. The citi centers are also suitable for walking. The public transportation is good and you can also choose cars and limousines to travel.


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