How to deal with a sister

Having a sister is a boon for many. You get to share your feelings, go out with them and even have a shoulder to cry upon. However, for many their sisters are nothing more than a dictator, who terrorizes them. For such individuals, knowing how to deal wit


How to deal with shyness

Being shy is not a disease, but a form of low self esteem that propels one to behave in a hesitant manner. It is a state of mind which can be rectified by being a little more agile and conscious towards one’s reactions to events and situations. Here goes

disciplined learning environment helps

How to deal with discipline

A disciplined learning environment helps students and teachers alike. However, classroom discipline often causes consternation and fear in new students. Keeping such considerations in mind, here are few tips to help you deal with

Adult Daughter Comforting Worried Father

How to deal with a depressed father

If any of your parents suffer from depression, it cause a lot of mental and emotional stress on you. There must be a reason behind his depression try to analyze that reason. Here are some ways to deal with such a situation.

Dehydration causes loss of water

How to deal with dehydration(Version-2)

Dehydration is the loss of water from the body in abundance. Dehydration causes loss of water along with the loss of excess amount of essential elements such as sodium. Depending on the type of dehydration that a person is suffering from he will suffer fr

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