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How to deal with shyness


Being shy is not a disease, but a form of low self esteem that propels one to behave in a hesitant manner. It is a state of mind which can be rectified by being a little more agile and conscious towards one’s reactions to events and situations. Here goes a few tips to over come shyness.

Try to face your problem

You have done it a lot and will keep on doing it unless you make a promise to yourself that you are going to face your biggest inadequacy. Face the crowd! Participate in as many stage performances as you can. Remember, you are not doing this as any other contestant who wants to win. Your standing there is a victory in itself. It will be difficult first but eventually, you will see an exponential growth in your confidence. Once confidence comes, shyness is bound to leave. Give it a try, nothing will remain scary anymore.

Stop judging yourself

This is the biggest cause of lacking in self confidence and getting diffident. Stop judging yourself. Somehow or the other, we grow this attitude of being the most judgmental and uncanny about ourselves. We set goals which we can’t achieve and when we lose, we lose our trust in ourselves. The biggest offence one can commit is by being too hard on oneself. Avoid this! You are no celebrity whom people look upon, so why are you so concerned about your image? Who is going to laugh at or curse you if you are unable to perform a certain task? Why will anyone spend time in gauging your personality? Once you ask these questions to yourself, you will be freed of all the things which bother you and make you shy.

Do not take lots of advices

Everyone suffers from one or the other personality disorder. So, when you look out for solution to your problem from someone else, you actually believe on someone who is not perfect. Why to trust anyone? Everyone will have his/ her own unique solutions which are best for him/ her; but not for you. The problem of shyness cannot be generalized. It varies from person to person. So stop talking about your problem with others and stop taking what they prescribe. Rather, read about it, think and write. All these which will involve your personal brainstorming will help you more than what others will recommend.

Realize your X-Factor

Try to find out your x-factor. It is the only thing which can make you rise higher in every field. In the regime, where everyone is trying to make their blunt end sharper, you go ahead and try to find out your sharpened end. This will keep you way ahead in all the races. Confidence comes with winning and your specialty is your way to victory.

Stay away from the people who make you feel bad

When a person makes fun of you, he/ she indirectly makes fun of God and his creation. In the real world, you will find a lot who are unaware of this and consider making fun of others as one of their chief responsibilities. Try to stay away from them as they will hamper your thought process. It is not your fault that you are suffering from low self esteem and shyness. But, such individuals will never try to understand this and you are not here to fight with them or have an argument. It is better to ignore them and spend your time with someone who can understand you.

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