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How to deal with a sister


Having a sister is a boon for many. You get to share your feelings, go out with them and even have a shoulder to cry upon. However, for many their sisters are nothing more than a dictator, who terrorizes them. For such individuals, knowing how to deal with their sister is therefore very essential.

Talk with them

Communication gap often results in misunderstandings and ultimately spoils the relationship. To avoid such situations between your sister and you, try talking with them. If your sister is the bossy, dominating kind then talking politely with her, often will help you in dealing with her effectively. This will have more effect than complaining against your sister to your parents. If you have an elder sister, then talking with her about trivial problems that you have encountered and asking her for solutions, will make her feel important and boost her ego. She will stop terrorizing you and instead act as a guide for you. Often it has been seen that talking helped many relationships to flourish, than combats. You can also try to find out whether you share any hobbies. This will give you scope to talk more with her and she will eventually relax. This will help further in forming a bond with your sister. If your sister is younger to you, talking with her will ensure her that she is not neglected and given importance, which are often the reasons behind the irritating attitude of some people.

Talk with your parents

Even after talking with your sister, you still find her bothering you tell her that you dislike it. If she still continues her actions, then tell your parents about her actions. If your sister is elder to you, do not be intimidated by her. Rather point out her actions in details to your parents. If you fear her and do not tell them in detail, how will your parents know the situation. If your sister is younger to you, then letting your parents know about her actions is even more important. She should be taught from a young age how to behave well. You should never hide their actions. That will further give momentum to their actions. As your sibling you will never want her to go astray. Rather you should help to modify her behavior. Notice her behavior after complaining to your parents. If she behaves well with you, understand that your parents have talked with her and it is that effect which has resulted in a change of behavior.

Play nice for a while

When you find that despite your best intentions to avoid your sister, she is still continuing to bother or disturb you, the best solution is to act as the helpless sibling. This will not only earn you the trust of your parents regarding the behavior of your sister but they will also scold her whenever necessary. This will ensure that she will receive the scolding for her deeds. If she tries to disturb you often, make sure that you are able to catch the eyes of your parents so that you can project her true nature in front of them. This will be beneficial for you. Without speaking, you will be able to deal with your notorious sister. She may try to instigate you so that your image is also spoiled in front of your parents. Do not fall a prey to this trap. Rather avoid her. When your parents are scolding her, do not remain at the scene. That will not be a pretty sight and if you remain at the place, chances are she will hold you responsible for it and bear a grudge. But if you are not present when she receives a scolding, she will not be able to blame you for her getting chided by your parents.

Avoid her

You should avoid your sister and enjoy your own life. Whenever she tries to irritate you, just pretend that she is not there and go out of the room. Avoid getting into any confrontations or brawls with her. Go out with your friends to movies or to outings. Describe these outings at the dinner table to your parents. But ignore her comments. The more you get involved in your social life, the less she will get to see you. As a result, she will begin missing you. The next time she will see you, she will be nice to you.

Accept the reality

Even after repeated complaints to your parents, they have not taken any step against your sister you should realize that they are fond of her than they are of you. This is hard to accept. However you will realize the truth after you find that your parents just ignore your complaints against her. Even when you beg of her to stop irritating you, she continues to do so and your parent overlooks these actions. Two things should become clear to you from such incidents. One, you should stop begging any compassion or sisterly feelings from her and second, your parents are fond of her.

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