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Build a perfect relationship: How to make your partner do what you want

Build a perfect relationship

It is important to add a new spark to your relationship from time to time and make your partner feel your love for him/her. Making your partner do what you want them to do is a lot easier when he/she knows that you are head over heels in love with him/her. Make beautiful memories together and cherish the moments forever.

Secret Ingredients of a Perfect Relationship

Every relationship goes through vicissitudes, the good times, and not-so-good times. Even if a relationship seems to be all-good initially, after a few years it tends to hit rough patches due to numerous reasons. Here are some secrets of a perfect relationship.

1. Communication

Communication is the most important factor in a relationship. It is the way to express your happiness, complaints, and grievances to your partner. Some people do not give much importance to communication in relationships, and sadly end up having breakups. On the other hand, some people think that if they will speak up on every issue that might end up their relationship. Well, people get this thing straight that communication never breaks up a relation, but the lack of it certainly does. If you do not express your feelings as and when they appear, they will keep stacking up and one day they will burst and cause a breakup. Therefore, communicate a lot with your partner and enjoy a healthy relationship.

2. Availability

Availability is one factor that determines how strong or weak the bond is between couples. Both the partners should have this feeling that they have someone to fall back upon in the sad and the bad times of their life. Whenever a partner hits a rough road, the other should always be available for them and should offer every possible help. It should not be as if your partner is having a tough time and you are enjoying your life or not giving enough time to your partner. Partners should be comforting figures for one another and the pillars of strength on which they can lean upon anytime and anywhere.

3. Friendship

The higher the level of friendship between partners, the higher is the possibility of a successful relationship. It is very important that two people in a relationship have a true friendship with one another. In a relationship, one needs to spend a great deal of time with one another, and to do this one is required to love another wholeheartedly. Just imagine if you have to stay with a person, with whom you do not share any friendship and you so not like that person, how tough it would be to spend even a small proportion of time with that person. Friendship is the backbone of any love relationship.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is a factor that determines the nature and the life of a relationship between two people. Compatibility means enjoying doing same things, same likings, and disliking, and to have many other things in common. Two people in a relationship can only stay happy if both love to do the majority of similar things, otherwise, the difference in the majority of tastes leads to a difference in opinions and conflicts. A relationship loses its intensity if the partners have no common interests because they do not enjoy anything that they can do together, and then it becomes more of a compromise. Therefore, there has to be a high level of compatibility between partners to make a relationship strong.


How to Build a Perfect Relationship

It is time to kick-start your love life. Here are a few tips on how to kick start your love life, reignite that spark in your relationship, and make it more fun. So let’s take a look!

1. Do not take your partner for granted

A love relationship requires the best efforts of both the partners to make each other’s life blissful. Both partners do numerous things every day in order to make their beloved happy. They try to satisfy every little wish and put in the effort to make all their dreams come true just because they love them. However, in some relationships, things are a bit different. One partner tries his best to make his beloved happy and satisfies but she starts to take things and her partners’ behavior for granted. This behavior eventually leads to the end of a relationship.

2. Take out time to spend together

After marriage, a whole mountain of responsibilities falls upon us, especially on females. From taking care of kids and other family members, household chores, to run the family business, partners hardly get time to spend in each other’s company. There is no time to connect and this is life’s reality.

Mere being in a relationship does not bring that connectivity between partners; they actually need to spend a great deal of time together and that is what makes them connect and make the relationship blissful. A couple can do the errands together, workout together, can take walks, and simply sit back and talk together.

You cannot wait for a day wherein you will get a good deal of time to spend together, in fact, both the partners need to find out those special moments every day and keep their connection alive. In case miles of distance separates both the partners, they can always make the use of modern technology like video chats that make people feel quite near to their loved ones.

3. Take out time for yourself

Spending time with yourself is as important as it is to spend with your partner. Personal time is the food for the happiness and health of our souls. If you will take care of your needs well then only you will be able to take care of your partner and kids. In your personal time, do things that give you immense joy, be it meditation, dancing, singing, yoga, writing, cooking, or just relaxing. The happier, stronger, and healthier you feel, the same feelings you can transfer to your partner, kids, and other family members as well.

Moreover, don’t forget to look good, pay some more attention to your appearance. A bit of change is always good every now and then. Try to act sexy and role-play a little when having sex with your partner. This will help reignite that spark.

4. Be a team

A relationship takes two individuals to make it wherein both individuals have their own strengths and weaknesses. One partner does something easily whereas the other struggles to do it, and vice versa. The best way to come over weaknesses in a relationship is to bond your strength with your partners, as it helps both partners to emerge as extremely powerful human beings.

Let your partner take up the job you are weak at, and you take the one that is his weakness, work as true teammates. Both the partners should have a faith that they have their partner to catch them whenever they fall. If you follow this mantra in your relationship, nothing can challenge your relation.

5. Be each other’s best friend

Before being lovers, partners ought to be each other’s best friends. There should be openness, honesty, vulnerability, true love, and unconditional appreciation of the good and bad in a relationship. This best friend relationship enables partners to stay loyal and happy in a relationship with their beloved for a lifetime.

In many relationships, not after a very long time of their union, the wife starts cribbing and the husband becomes lazy, and both the partners experience fierce frustrations owing to each other’s imperfections. However, the best way to deal with this tough situation is to be like best friends.

6. Pay attention to little things

Whenever you are about to blow out on your partner because of some imperfection, like the wet towel left on the bed or the shoes lying in the drawing-room, think once as to how would you address your best friend in such a situation, and then behave accordingly. When your husband tells you that you do not look good in that dress, no doubt it hurts but tries to reply, as you would do to your friend. In addition, do not forget to listen to each other’s grievances just as you do with your best friend.


7. Make your partner jealous

One of the best tricks to make your partner do what you want is to make him/her jealous. However, you have to be careful when you implement this strategy since at times it may backfire and spoil the beautiful relationships you share.

Encourage attention from another person and pretend as if you like the fact that someone wants to get involved. Remember, the intention is not to hurt them or to make them jealous. You only have to make them aware that you have many other options waiting for you. Your partner loves and admires you, even more, when he/she acknowledges the fact.

8. Make him/her feel special

Make your partner feel that he/she brings out the best in you. The spark you have in your eyes can convey your love and affection for him/her. Keep a genuine smile on your face when your partner is around as it helps you strengthen your bond. Along with that, it is important that you spend quality time with your partner.

The moments you two are together must be the best time of your partner’s day that takes him/her away from the needless worries of the world. Make your partner feel important and express your feelings through words as well as actions.

9. Keep your relationships full of excitement

Do not make your relationships boring by being easily available since it is always good to keep him/her guessing. It not only keeps your relationship full of excitement but also make your partner love you even more.

Sometimes you can come up with an excuse or say you have other important things lined up when your partner wants to see you. Do not let him/her know that you are equally desperate to meet him/her. This strategy helps you make him/her fall in love with you yet ever again.

You can do more outdoor activities. It’s never too late to feel young again. Go out for bungee jumping or something. The more fun you both will have the more love and affection there will be in your relationship.

10. Surprise him/her

Change something about yourself to surprise your partner. Do not pick a special day, as that would make it obvious. You can change the way you arrange your hair or start acting like a different person. The strategy works wonders when you meet him/her after the gap of a few days. Do not leave a single opportunity to give your partner a beautiful surprise. Give your partner a genuine compliment and surprise him/her by giving a hug or a kiss. It adds a little more love to your relationships. Do not make things too obvious for your partner.

11. Give words to your feelings

Use those three magical words to make his/her day. Whisper the words in his/her ears when he/she expects the least. You can also use magical words to cheer your partner up when he/she is worried about something or is in a low mood. Make sure when you utter up the words you let your eyes convey that he/she means the world to you.

12. Plan time away

Plan a vacation with your significant other. Leave your responsibilities from work and life behind. And remember not to give your cell phone a chance to be the disturbance. Be romantic all over again; consider this vacation like a honeymoon. Talk about each other, hold hands, go out on dinners and lunches, and fall in love with each other all over again.

Plan to see a new place with your family members or relatives. It helps you plan time away from your partner. Do not give all the details to your partner, as the motive is to make him/her desperate for you.

Tell your partner that you miss the ways he/she holds your hand and cuddles you when you are miles away from him/her. Avoid talking over the phone but send some sweet messages that convey that you are dying to come back and meet him/her.

Intimate relationships are strange. You have to make constant efforts to keep them exciting and full of surprises. Make your partner feel special and give genuine compliments that bring him/her even closer.

13. Relax

Meditate, exercise, or maybe take a yoga class. Relax your mind, body and soul. Stop worrying about the kids at home for once, let the babysitter do her job.

14. Spontaneous kisses and hugs

Surprise your partner with spontaneous kisses and hugs. Cuddle every now and then. Sex is not the ultimate solution for keeping that love life alive. At times little things like kissing and hugging can do a lot to keep the relationship alive.

15. Respect each other’s space

Don’t keep your significant other anchored to you. You don’t own them. Stop suffocating them by taking away their freedom and their chance to do whatever they want. Instead, give them the space they want.

16. Appreciate and understand Each other

Last but not the least; appreciate the things your partner does for you. Don’t nag them for not doing the things they can’t do for you. Appreciate whatever they do and try to understand him or her.

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