How to Spice Things up in the Bedroom?

Your sex life is more important than you think. Especially when you are in the bedroom with your loved one. A bedroom is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. However, if you are dating, married or in a live-in relationship, a bedroom is also a place where you really and truly get to know each other. However, if you have been together for a long time, things are bound to get mundane and boring after a while. You can do a few things to add to the interest of both of you so that the mood stays alive. This way you can understand each other better and better as time goes by. However, it will take a little effort on both ends. Here’s what you can do to spice things up –

Watch Porn Together

Watch porn together

Yes, a lot of time, women despise that their partners want to watch porn over having sex with them. However, it would be a great idea to watch together. Who knows where this activity is going to lead the 2 of you? Thus, instead of fretting over it, why not watch it with him. You are bound to get more knowledge and for all you know, you might feel closer to your partner after this. So, go ahead and watch together.

Or read a good book to master the art of seduction. Take a few tips from this list of 10 must-read books for seducing women and floor your lady with some passionate love skills.

Indulge in Role Play

Indulge in Role Play

There are multitudes of role plays that you can enact with each other. From the student-teacher game to the slave-master game, you can bring any kind of action in your bedroom. You can also do the role play from one of your favorite porn movies and see how it goes. Make sure whatever you are doing is entirely safe or else, you are going to be inviting trouble. You can also role play from your favorite television series or from a movie that you both enjoy a lot. For instance, a “Game of Thrones” roleplay is going to take you a long way ahead in the relationship. Here is a list of some of the best roleplay ideas to try in the bedroom with your partner.

Dress for Each Other

Dress for Each Other

From dressing like your favorite model to doing a sexy Cleopatra, you can do all of it in bed. It all depends on how you like it. If you have a great body then show it off. Obviously, specifically to your partner so that he or she can take in the best of you. Mesmerize your partner with your moves. Do lap dances or a strip tease for him or her and you are going to have a gala time in the bedroom.

Brush up your third base skills:

Brush up your third base skills

You may have given him oral a hundred times but you can still make him squirm with delight and surprise by honing up your third base skills. While going down on him don’t mind circling or zigzagging your tongue through the small space between his penis and the anus. This is the hidden erogenous zone of a man, which is very sensitive. Use both, your hands and the mouth while giving a blow job. Men like it when a woman grips their penis firmly and presses it. Hold the shaft of the penis while sucking the upper half. Change the motion of the tongue every now and then but do not change the rhythm of action. Brush your teeth with strong mint-flavored toothpaste before giving the oral. The coolness of mint will make the blowjob more intensely pleasurable for your man.

Striptease for him to spice up your bedroom act: 

Striptease for him

Dirty dancing or striptease, there is nothing that excites a man more than visual seduction. Cover the lights of your living room with sheer clothes and move the sofa from the center for making more space available. Mix your favorite sexy songs in advance. Play the music and enter the room completely clothed. Dance around him and touch him here and there suggestively. Remove one piece of clothing after another as each song ends. The bolder women can also pick up lap dancing moves by watching videos. At the end of the dance, your man will be ready to do anything for touching you.

Twisted Tantric:

Twisted Tantric

The best thing about Tantric sex is that it takes you through several stages of arousal but in every stage, you get to relish togetherness and intimacy. It does not just connect two bodies but also two souls. Start by asking your man to give you a bath. He will have to run the bath and lay you down in it. After washing your body thoroughly and drying you with a towel it will be his turn to get a bath. When both of you have freshened up go to the bedroom and live the bathrobes on the floor. Sit facing each other with knees folded and start the exploration. Both of you cannot use hands. All the kissing and exploring has to be done with mouth and tongue. After the foreplay, start intercourse. Take things slow and build up the tension gradually.

Masturbate in front of him:

Masturbate in front of him

This is a sexy and empowering move to make your man go crazy with desire. Get Brazilian wax done in advance so the area around your vagina looks soft and smoother. Make him sit on a recliner a little away from the bed and then play with your own body. Touch yourself as you want him to touch you and don’t stop yourself from moaning. Let him how you enjoy it alone so that he feels more eager to conquer and pleasure you like never before.

Shades of Grey:

Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey has popularized BDSM and made it a mainstream sexual option. Many couples are already taking advantage of it so why should you stay behind? Unleash the bad girl in you and ask your man to take charge of things. Get dressed in sexy lingerie or a bustier and G-string combo. Your man will command you to perform certain erotic tasks. But you will have to stop as soon as he tells you to stop. If you fail to impress him he gets to punish you by laying you across his lap and spanking your back with his hands or a sleek whip. Do not go overboard with BDSM as it can hurt your relationship.

There is no better thing than unforgettable sex. So, turn into the naughty, sexy princess or the seductive sorcerer in the bedroom for making your man or woman scream with pleasure and love you more.

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