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How to deal with a stubborn boyfriend

deal with a stubborn boyfriend

Everyone has their positive and negative qualities. Most of the people who are stubborn are people of values, who don’t make any compromises. They believe so strongly in their ideas that they fail to view any other perspective that comes in their way. Having such a boyfriend can makes things difficult for you. But sometimes the same resistant attitude might get on your nerves. When faced with such circumstances, you might find it very irritating to deal with this kind of a stubborn boyfriend.

A Stubborn boyfriend is someone who is reluctant to change his views about an idea or action, come what may. Once you have understood that your boyfriend is a stubborn one, play intelligently. They have a fragile ego; you need to make sure that you do not offend and break it. Remember to treat him in a special way. Your natural responses to such behavior can come out to be direct and flat. But this will only make it worse for you to handle further. Here are some effective ways to help you deal with a stubborn boyfriend.

1. Be the way you are


Being yourself holds the key to any successful relationship. In the nascent stages of a relationship, everyone tries being nice and caring. As the relationship advances to the next stages, all pampering takes the backstage and understanding the real person takes the priority. This is the stage of arguments, disagreements, and noncompliance. Never try to be something that you are not just for the sake of making your boyfriend happy. It is very imperative that you give due importance to your own decisions and what you want from life and the relationship.

Showing your real side, right from the beginning is the ideal choice. If you agree with certain things that you actually don’t approve of, just to make him happy, it will just create confusion when you finally start showing that you dislike certain things in his behavior. Being yourself from the beginning will ensure that your partner understands your ideology and the way you think ensuring he seldom behaves in a stubborn manner unless you are standing on the wrong front.

2. Listen to him

In several cases, stubborn behavior comes into play when someone thinks he has not been given a chance to speak out his side. This induces a sense of insecurity and unimportance within the person that they start identifying themselves with their ideas. So whenever your guy has to say something, be attentive to whatever he is saying, howsoever irrelevant it is or does not make enough sense, just listen to it. Communication is important and listening is a crucial part of communication. Trying to understand his point of view will satisfy his side of venting out and this will open the doors for him understand yours. This will not only help you deal with his stubbornness but also take you miles in your relationship.

3. Tell him how much you value him


Difficult behavior is often a mark of feeling unwanted and not valued. You do value the person but the behavior does not let you show this value to him. Whenever your guy behaves in a very insensible and arrogant way, just tell him how much he means to you and how dearly you love him. It will induce a sense of security in him and he will try to reason your point of view behind the disagreement. It is important to calm a person before making them understand anything. Your first step would be taking him into confidence. The more you try to impose your thoughts on him, more are the chances of him getting agitated. Remember love begets love and argument begets argument. Proper understanding and a sense of security is a must to deal with a stubborn boyfriend. If he is confident about the relationship, he will seldom hide anything from you and will be more honest in every communication with you. He will share his deepest fears and thoughts with you, making the bond grow stronger and stronger with time.

In a relationship, if either of the partner does not feel comfortable in opening up, it would be the first and foremost thing to take them into confidence. Only by doing this your partner will allow you to enter his mind without being agitated or difficult.

4. Try understanding the reason

If you feel that there is something that your boyfriend doesn’t want to reveal which in turn makes him act stubborn, just try figuring out that compelling reason which has been holding him back. There has to be a reason behind the stubborn behavior. Once you figure out the root cause, try clearing his doubts and inhibitions patiently. This will help you carry your relationship miles and miles. Remember that most stubborn people even do not realize that something is wrong with them, they are unaware of how they are behaving.

Give them time and space to figure it out themselves rather than telling them that they are stubborn and need to change their behavior. Psychological studies have revealed that there is a particular reason for people being narrow-minded and reluctant to change.

Just try figuring the reason out and compassionately reasoning it with your boyfriend. This will not only help you deal with him in a far better way but also strengthen his confidence in you. If there is an argument, do not try imposing your thoughts on him, rather, give him some time and space to realize his mistakes on his own. He will for sure feel sorry about it. This moment is the one in which you should talk to him and try to figure out the reason for such behavior. The more he opens up to you, the easier you will find him handling the situation.

5. Turn Stubbornness into love

Turn Stubbornness into love

Use the stubbornness of your boyfriend to trigger love. Research suggests that if you tell your stubborn boyfriend that people think that your relationship is not going to work, he will do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. Just try to understand the reason behind his stubborn behavior and make him talk honestly and freely about it. Do not insist on your opinions on him and make him feel that you always take his opinions into consideration seriously.

Remember that the most negative emotions can be channelized into something positive and constructive. Stubborn people if showed some confidence can do wonders. Just make them believe that you trust them and have the utmost faith in their abilities. If you don’t know how to do it, by following these 7 tips you can ensure that your boyfriend remains happy and avoid being stubborn all the time.

How to keep your boyfriend happy?

Searching for a way to keep your boyfriend satisfied? Actually, that is a truly sweet gesture. When it’s all said and done, a standout amongst the most critical parts of a relationship is the capability for both partners to search for better approaches to keep one another blissful constantly. Needing to fulfill your boyfriend happiness is sweet of you.

Also, you’ll know exactly how to do that right here. At the same time, never forget the one thing that makes love so unique. Don’t ever make a special effort to make somebody happy, unless they’re doing the same for you. In case you’re searching for approaches to perk up your boyfriend after an awful day, read how to brighten up your partner.

1. Compliment him

Compliment him

Guys like to be complimented every now and then. No, it’s just not the girls who crave for compliments; boys also like to hear something good about them. So compliment him every now and then.

2. Cook for him

It’s an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So cook a special dinner for him on his birthday or perhaps for other special events as well. Surprise him by cooking for him and he will definitely appreciate your efforts.

3. Help him with his Life

Help him with his Life

Support him no matter what. Try to be as supportive as you can. Listen to what he is going through and try to come up with suggestions for him but respect his space and privacy at the same time. You don’t want to control his life by making every decision for him.

4. Don’t let him take you for granted

If he gets the signal that you would do anything for him no matter what, he might take you for granted. Don’t accommodate him too much otherwise he might get bored of you eventually.

5. Ask for his help

Ask for his help

Asking for his help for small things like opening a jar, bottle or things like that actually gives him the signal that you appreciate his efforts and need his strength. He will feel better about himself and will appreciate you more.

6. Don’t nag him for the things he can’t do

Stop irritating him for the things he can’t do for you. Instead appreciate him for the things he does for you. Most of the people nowadays give utmost importance to themselves, amid this if your partner is taking the time out to do something for you, it deserves appreciation. Not being able to do certain things can be because of some unfavorable conditions. Try to ask and understand instead of nagging.

7. He should be your top priority

He should be your top priority

He should be your top priority and you should be his top priority. Never make him feel that he is unimportant. Make him feel like “BAE” Before anyone else.

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