Sex offenders suffer from serious mental illness: Study

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Defying the popular wisdom, it is recently found that lechers, sexual offenders or men convicted for rapes suffer from serious mental illness. Many are found to have a history of psychiatric hospitalization as well!

Though, it might have been cued from the fact that people convicted of murder appear to have a higher rate of psychiatric disorders, there is no cause for dilution of the crimes’ intensity.

In addition, compared to male sexual offenders with men in the general population, it has been found that the former are six times more likely to have ever been hospitalized for a mental illness.

According to Reuters Health, the lead study author Dr. Seena Fazel of Oxford University in the UK, said

The criminal justice system needs to be aware that people who shows signs of being unwell need to be assessed.

This finding seems to be a breakthrough in assisting experts identify and treat these disorders and hence help lower the increasing sex offences across the world or perhaps help the offenders from repeating their crimes.


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