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List of Upcoming Events in Travel Industry.

Chinese spring festival 2014 , China

Event name: Spring festival 2014 in china Date: 31 January 2014 and 1 February 2014 Location: China Chinese New Year is the traditional Chinese holiday celebrated as the first day of the year according to the Chinese calendar. The other name for this is spring festival or Lunar new year. Because of the several traditions and myths the Chinese new ...

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Las fallas festival in valencia, spain

Event name: Las fallas festival in Valencia, spain Event dates: 15 march 2014 to 19 march 2014 Location: valencia, Spain Fallas is the traditional celebration held in memorable of Saint Joseph in city of Valencia, Spain. Fallas means the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration. Las fallas means a fire torch. It is the biggest, craziest and more ...

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Cologne carnival, germany

Event name: Cologne Carnival Dates: 7 February 2014 – 13 February 2014 Location: Cologne, Germany The cologne carnival is the carnival which takes place every year in Cologne, Germany. Street carnival is a weeklong festival also called as “the crazy days”. These crazy days takes place between the Fat Thursday and ends on Ash Wednesday. Rose Monday is the highlight ...

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Legoland California tour

Event name: Legoland California Tour Weekly event: Thursday & Sunday (9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm) (PDT) Location: San Diego, California, USA Legoland California is the growing theme park located in Carlsbad, California. Legoland California tour is the only park in the world made up of legos. It consists of tons of amazing rides and 45 foot lego tower. Along with ...

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San Diego zoo safari park tour

Event name: San Diego safari park tour Weekly event: Thursday thru Sunday (9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm) Location: San Diego, USA San Diego Zoo safari park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Diego. It is almost 1800 acre zoo located in San Pasqual valley area of San Diego California. The park lies in a semi-arid environment. The ...

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Chiang Mai Flower Festival Thailand

Event name: Chiang Mai Flower Festival Date: 7 Friday February 2014 to 9 Sunday February 2014 Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand Chiang mai is located in the northern Thailand. It is the largest and cultural city. Spoken language in the city is the Thai. Chiang mai is called as the rose of the north. It is best visiting the place in the cool ...

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