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gossip track (2)

Keeping yourself out of the gossip track

Most people have a habit of gossiping around with other people. Gossiping not only hurts the person you are talking ...

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butterfly sitting on the hand of a young woman in the forest

Why excess of everything is not always the key to ultimate happiness

Generally, human mind wanders around one third of the day. It wanders while a person is reading, talking to someone ...

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sports person

How intrinsic motivation proves beneficial for students and sports persons

Intrinsic motivation implies doing something for pleasure, triumph, success, or simply for the sake of doing it when you truly ...

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The Architecture of Happiness

Seven essential books on happiness that you must read for sure

Happiness is something which everyone craves for. It’s a peace of mind where people find themselves to be free of ...

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level of intrinsic motivation

Seven tricks to increase the level of intrinsic motivation

Motivation is something which everyone needs to find in his or her life to move forward and do well in ...

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know about the Father’s Day (2)

All you need to know about the Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge and recognize the role and contribution of fathers and fatherly figures in the ...

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Change your perspective

Change your perspective to put yourself on path to a better life

More often than not it is our perspective that determines the way we lead our lives. Society, environment and upbringing ...

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fostering a positive attitude

Developing and fostering a positive attitude for achieving goals

One of the secrets of highly successful people is their faith in themselves. A positive attitude towards life can determine ...

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PREVENTING Negative People

Preventing Impossible People from Ruining Your Day

In our daily life we are affected by the behavior of people around us. If there are too many negative ...

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Secret of Your Success

Friends and Family Can Be the Secret of Your Success

Achieving your dreams requires passion, focus and hard work. When you are so focused on your goals, you need understanding ...

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Hand silhouette at sunset

Grow inward, Conquer outward

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch [Renowned Greek historian, biographer and popular essayist whose biographical works ...

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