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Friendsgiving the Best Thanksgiving

Ideas That Will Make This Friendsgiving The Best Thanksgiving

If you’re thankful for your friends, have a Friendsgiving. Thanksgiving is a family affair and it’s wonderful to celebrate it ...

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Ego and self-esteem

There Is Thin Line Between Ego And Self-Esteem

If self-esteem is a preparation with a pinch of salt, ego is something with two pinches of salt. The purpose ...

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UnjustUnfair Criticism

How To Respond To Unjust/Unfair Criticism

There are many flavors of success including praises, criticism and unfair criticism. When you are successful, you know how much ...

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VIP retreat

Join Life-Changing Self-Improvement Event To Create The Sort Of Life You Want

Bianca Chung, a renowned a Life Mastery Consultant, is hosting a 7-day retreat in beautiful Udaipur, India this February 2017. ...

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butterfly sitting on the hand of a young woman in the forest

Why excess of everything is not always the key to ultimate happiness

Generally, human mind wanders around one third of the day. It wanders while a person is reading, talking to someone ...

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Avoiding truth  (5)

Avoiding truth may take your life in a wrong direction

You always have a choice to tell the truth or to lie to people around you. You sure would agree ...

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encourage strength and confidence

Inspirational quotes that encourage strength and confidence

At times, you need someone to hold your hand and tell you that you still can achieve a lot. When ...

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Life at its perfect balance is gratifying

The secret of happiness is creating a perfect balance in life. This does not mean that you control your emotions ...

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Businesswoman holding a light bulb isolated on a neutral background

Positive emotions can bring you happiness that stays

Positive emotions have a dramatic influence on your happiness. The way you describe your life and its events have a ...

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Businessman climbing mountain

The notion of taking risks is scary, but one with high life-returns

Most people believe that one must have a good amount of luck on his/her side to get success in life. ...

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Derive strength from hardships

Derive strength from hardships and sorrows that come your way

Life is certainly not a fairytale for most. Every single person has to go through hardships of life. Your struggle ...

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step closer to your dream

7 Ways you can get confident and get a step closer to your dream

Confidence plays a crucial Role in helping your move forward on path of success. Self-confident people never look back in ...

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