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Ready and Motivated

10 Ways You Can Wake Up Ready and Motivated

Our mood in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If we are cheery and active, ...

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live in the moment

How to live in the moment?

One often lets the mind wonder to different horizons of life, sometimes to a long lost past and sometimes to ...

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Happiness to Life

35 Little Things That Bring Happiness to Life

Happiness is as we define it. While most of us consider happiness to be something that can be felt only ...

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charm of NOW

Cherish every moment to appreciate the power and charm of NOW

“You need to believe that life is beautiful and happy now, don’t waste your time being unhappy, upset or angry ...

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Cheated on Their Partner

5 Lame Excuses People Make After Having Cheated on Their Partner

Cheating is the worst anyone can do to their partners and there is very little chance that things will work ...

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Why Pets are Good

Reasons Why Pets are Good for Your Health and Happiness

They may be messy and expensive to feed and take care of, but having a pet in your home will ...

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focus on growth  

Commit to yourself and focus on growth  

Ever wonder why you don’t reach the pinnacle of success you’re meant to? Maybe it’s because you haven’t put in ...

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Dr Prem Jagyasi - Leader, Happiness, Success

7 Ways you can get confident and get a step closer to your dream this new year.

Thinking about new year resolution but not confident enough to move forward. Confidence plays a crucial Role in helping your ...

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Friendsgiving the Best Thanksgiving

Ideas That Will Make This Friendsgiving The Best Thanksgiving

If you’re thankful for your friends, have a Friendsgiving. Thanksgiving is a family affair and it’s wonderful to celebrate it ...

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Ego and self-esteem

There Is Thin Line Between Ego And Self-Esteem

If self-esteem is a preparation with a pinch of salt, ego is something with two pinches of salt. The purpose ...

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UnjustUnfair Criticism

How To Respond To Unjust/Unfair Criticism

There are many flavors of success including praises, criticism and unfair criticism. When you are successful, you know how much ...

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VIP retreat

Join Life-Changing Self-Improvement Event To Create The Sort Of Life You Want

Bianca Chung, a renowned a Life Mastery Consultant, is hosting a 7-day retreat in beautiful Udaipur, India this February 2017. ...

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