• Marital fighting

    How to give your Best at everything?

    Result of our behavior As we are human beings we have to do our best in this life. This is the only ...

  • Love

    If you Love Truly, You will live for it!

    Yes actually, those who loves each other truly they don’t need to write down their own happiness. Go...

  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Big family is also a happy family

    The Joys of Living in a Big Family There is saying that ‘Small family is a happy family’, but I thin...

  • Sleeping Girl

    Follow your Dreams until the End of the World

    World of fantasy We human beings normally dreams while sleeping and also some of us are daydreamer. ...

  • loving couple_1

    If Love was really blind then

    You’ll already be falling head over heels for somebody who you’ve got better-known for an exte...

Success Guide


Personality Development Guide – Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development

Erik Erikson presented his own theory of stages of personality development, which was known theory of psychosocial development. This eight ...

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Right Candidate

Picking the Right Candidate can Take you a Long Way Ahead

Pick the Right Kind of People Well, picking people is quite a task. You need to pick the right candidate ...

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The significance of planning in achieving success

Whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception or life in general, planning is crucial. Here is why you should ...

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Accomplishment- Is it Necessary to Boost your Confidence

Have you ever noticed that whenever your family, loved one or even any stranger boasts about ‘your’ accomplishments in front ...

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Motivation Guide

man expressive portrait

Why do we rely too much on premonitions

The feeling of fear is one of the most common of all feelings felt by humans, something that each one ...

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Try Try again

People are taught from the basic steps of life that never give up hope. Try, try and try again. A ...

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My life is my message - Mahatma Gandhi - A Great leader of our time

My life is my message – Mahatma Gandhi – A Great leader of our time

Mohandas Gandhi is famous for his non-violence movement as well as the way he lived his life. I personally visited ...

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Everything in life happens for a perfect reason

Introduction Humans tend to get distracted very easily. Especially during bad times we start losing faith in ourselves and start ...

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Attitude Guide


Attitude: The lifeblood of self esteem

Thoughts, they say, are faster than action. Indeed apt for the modern dilemma of existence, when the time merely makes ...

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Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves

“Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves” Talent ...

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Self Belief is a Magical Phenomenon

Self Belief will help you Face the World Sometimes one gets inspired by other people. However, the key to success ...

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girl happy

A Down to Earth Attitude is Necessary to Maintain your Success

Don’t Learn from Success, Just Feel It Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t ...

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Happiness Guide


Smile, make everyone smile and be happy

Introduction Life has become so complicated for us humans that we have less time to sit and think about ourselves ...

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Knowledge Is Ultimate The Mark of Maturity And Success!

Knowledge Is Ultimate The Mark of Maturity And Success! Knowledge is the deciding factor that differentiates the average human beings ...

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Do not wait for luck to knock the door, go behind your dreams and strive hard to achieve success.

  Get into Action Many misinterpret the term luck. Here is a small story which explains it better. Once there ...

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Start your Day on a Positive Note

Ten Ways you can Start your Day on a Positive Note

There is never a guarantee of the future but we still go on planning for it. Just like everything else, ...

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Action Guide


Various steps for troubleshooting problems in PC games

Backward compatibility is quite common in computers but sometimes it can create problems. In case you have some old DOS ...

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Beginners guide to smoke photography using a DSLR camera

If you love photography then you will certainly like to try out the various smoke effects that many of the ...

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Developing a quintessential win or go home approach

How do you go about developing a win or go home attitude? What are the steps you would need to ...

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Role of simple visualizations in setting time boundaries

In today’s cutthroat competitive, time driven world, being efficient and successful is all about managing your time properly. Efficient time ...

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Personal Branding Guide


Be yourself. Be successful. Develop Personal Brand.

Being yourself. Being Successful Personal branding is about being authentic and presenting the true picture of yourself and your offerings. ...

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Risk Management through Personal Brand

The present day situation in business world is highly critical and full of uncertainties. The trends are ever changing and ...

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Impacts of Personal Branding

Personal branding is a process of creating a distinct place of your own that makes you stand out from the ...

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‘POWER’ of personal branding

“Personal branding ensures your walk is louder than your talk.” Rachel Quilty, ‘the Authority’ on Personal Branding and author of ...

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Right Choice

Right Choice Is Better Option for Bright Future and Bad Past

Right Choice Is Better Option for Bright Future and Bad Past Choosing to live your life your own way is ...

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Self Realisation

In Order to Lead, you Need to Set an Example

Mahatma Gandhi’s Teaching Live the instance. Lead by example. Act towards the globe the manner that you simply wish others ...

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Make Use of the Opportunities that Enter your Life through Problems

Make Use of the Opportunities that Enter your Life through Problems

It depends on the way one looks at the problems in their life. No one on this planet is free ...

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Don’t take the world so personally. Don’t take everything personally

Positive attitude is one of the greatest attributes which not many people have. To be positive is very important in ...

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Personality Development Guide


Love Yourself, Be Unique and Do What you Like

Spread Love and Joy around You You are the best in your own right. You need to believe so yourself, ...

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Self Doubt

Self -Doubt will Block your Creativity, Do Away with It

Creativity is the predecessor to Success In present day world where there exists cut-throat competition in almost all sectors and ...

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Inner Strength isn’t your Biceps but your Brain and Heart

Gandhi, Teachings and Followers! “Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will” in this quote, Gandhi is ...

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Personality Development Guide – Maslow’s model in organizations

Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs can be applicable in organizations as well. It is essential for the authorities governing ...

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Goal Guide


Fear Is A By-Product Of Meekness!

Fear prevails when one hangs back from venturing into an unexplored domain. To be in fear, means to be in ...

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Passion, the foundation of motivation and success

We seem to read articles about individuals achieving big in life every other day. This makes us wonder, would we ...

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Fill life with power of persistence

Remember school folks? Well, I am sure you all do. Some loved it, some hated it, and however, nobody can ...

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Enthusiasm as a basis for success

Hard work, dedication, assertiveness, humility, magnanimity, desire, self –confidence, integrity and commitment are closely associated with successful people in this ...

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How to deal with


How to resolve monitor resolution problem in Google Chrome

If you have a monitor with excellent high resolution then you get a different experience while viewing images, videos and ...

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Obsessing over things you cannot change takes you nowhere

Sometimes life has its own way of leading us to through unknown routes to unknown destinations. What we plan hardly ...

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Tips to take care of your German Shepherd

Pets are one of the greatest mood busters one can ever think of and pet dogs especially have been important ...

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How to eat healthy and stay away from fatty food

Eating healthy food is the best way to maintain good health. Recently weigh control is generally associated with healthy eating ...

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