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butterfly sitting on the hand of a young woman in the forest

Why excess of everything is not always the key to ultimate happiness

Generally, human mind wanders around one third of the day. It wanders while a person is reading, talking to someone ...

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Avoiding truth  (5)

Avoiding truth may take your life in a wrong direction

You always have a choice to tell the truth or to lie to people around you. You sure would agree ...

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encourage strength and confidence

Inspirational quotes that encourage strength and confidence

At times, you need someone to hold your hand and tell you that you still can achieve a lot. When ...

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Life at its perfect balance is gratifying

The secret of happiness is creating a perfect balance in life. This does not mean that you control your emotions ...

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Businesswoman holding a light bulb isolated on a neutral background

Positive emotions can bring you happiness that stays

Positive emotions have a dramatic influence on your happiness. The way you describe your life and its events have a ...

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Businessman climbing mountain

The notion of taking risks is scary, but one with high life-returns

Most people believe that one must have a good amount of luck on his/her side to get success in life. ...

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Derive strength from hardships

Derive strength from hardships and sorrows that come your way

Life is certainly not a fairytale for most. Every single person has to go through hardships of life. Your struggle ...

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step closer to your dream

7 Ways you can get confident and get a step closer to your dream

Confidence plays a crucial Role in helping your move forward on path of success. Self-confident people never look back in ...

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gossip track (2)

Keeping yourself out of the gossip track

Most people have a habit of gossiping around with other people. Gossiping not only hurts the person you are talking ...

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Live in the moment, but think big to scale out of self-imposed boundaries

Life is a beautiful dream for a few and rest others keep figuring it out until their last breath. It ...

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Love yourself (2)

Love yourself for you, and for a better life

Almost all of us have days when we feel down and low. It is all right but only until you ...

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sports person

How intrinsic motivation proves beneficial for students and sports persons

Intrinsic motivation implies doing something for pleasure, triumph, success, or simply for the sake of doing it when you truly ...

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