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Success, what does this word mean? In the Oxford Dictionary, it is simply described as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose’ the aim or purpose here could be wealth, social status or fame. This definition, generally speaking, envelops all the other definition of success. However, when we think about the importance of the world in our lives, this definition looks quite bland. So, rather than believing in what the dictionary tells us, watch this video for the true definition of success by Dr. Prem Jagyasi.

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Carve Your Life narrates Dr Prem’s signature Carvism principles, his detailed description of ‘Self-Carving Qualities’, ways to ‘Shape Your Mind’, and the process to ‘Find Your Passion’. According to the author, our lives are nowadays choked by unnecessary accumulations, because of which we are unable to ‘uncover’ the true purpose of our life; once we do this, we will enjoy a quality life to the fullest. Hence, carving out a lean life is the only way forward.

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