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World’s best airports you should land on before you die

London Heathrow Airport

We all have hurried at least once in our life to reach the airport. Many people spend a chunk of their life at the airports, either boarding a flight or coming down from it. Waiting at an airport can be gruesome if it is not well-stocked, regularly maintained and well planned. A good airport is one that provides the passengers with every necessary amenities of life. Sometimes you forget to pack the important things and need to rush at a shop inside the airport for getting it. There has to be sufficient numbers of USB ports for charging your gadgets and cell phones. Apart from the basic necessities our heart craves something extra and luxurious from the airports. There are airports which fail to offer the very primary facilities to us and then there are the airports which we like so much that leaving them is painful. You should board a flight from at least one of the best airports of this world and enjoy their glory in your lifetime. In the following the best airports of the world are listed.

London Heathrow Airport:

The Heathrow airport has not always received positive comments but it is definitely one of the world’s best airports. The reason why the beauty of Heathrow airport may not be visible to you is that it is mostly very crowded. A lot of people get down from their planes here for a stop-over and changing flights. But the good point is that Heathrow is efficient in crowd handling. You get basic amenities easily and the security checking is strict for the sake of safety. The well-lit London airport gives the travelers a chance of shopping from some of the best brands of the world. You will not get confused regarding flight information and the staffs of the airport are always very helpful.

Montevideo Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay:

After the recent US $165 million makeover that it got recently the Montevideo Carrasco airport in Montevideo, Uruguay have got high appreciation from critics, travel magazines and the passengers who have boarded flight from here. The high points of Montevideo Carrasco airport are its modern and elegant design using glass panels and excellent services. The security guards are very efficient and do not bother the passengers needlessly. The airport is cleaned by a huge cleaning crew daily and there are many outlets where you can get refreshment. One coffee shop even has a small open terrace.

Victoria International Airport, Canada:

Though it is just a regional airport in Canada, the Victoria International Airport in Canada has been praised by millions for its perfect passenger friendliness and amiability. The airport staffs are very cordial and they help you find your way around. Annually more than a million people pass through this airport and most of them have nothing to complain about. The airport has nine exit gates and 3 carousels for luggage. Passengers do not have to wait for long for getting their luggage and getting out.

 Tokyo International Airport:

The big and spacious Tokyo International Airport is loved by the passengers who have passed through it. Every year an approximate 90 million passengers board flights from this international airport. It is definitely one of the most clean and well maintained airports of the world. Advanced technology and the diligence of the crew members give the travelers a unique experience. The Tokyo International airport will soon receive a makeover. Plans have been made to add 8 new gates and expand the airport within 2014. A new hotel inside the airport premises is also under construction.

Zurich Airport:

The Zurich airport is famed for its first class services and fast delivery of luggage to the right passengers. In the year 2003 it got expanded. It has an underground train system for ferrying the passengers around the airport. This train is named the Sky-metro. Some people think it is the safest airport as passengers get their luggage back without fail. They have a nice, dedicated porting service which lets the travelers hire a porter for moving their heavy luggage from one spot to another and helps in check out.

Seoul Incheon, Seoul:

There are nice halls for passengers who need to wait for boarding a flight and numerous other facilities at this international airport. You can get some spa therapies or enjoy a round of golf with fellow travelers at the mini golf course. There is a train service for taking the passengers from one part of the airport to another.

Singapore Changi Airport:

The Changi international airport in Singapore is one of the best airports of this world. You will never find it lacking the basic or superior facilities. There is ample opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. You can play games at the LAN gaming area or enjoy the sight of beautiful butterflies at the butterfly garden.

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