Traditional Thai sports that visitors can enjoy and watch during their visit

Sport is a part of Thai culture as it is the way to express their happiness and unity. This is a thing that has been passed from one generation to other. These activities are blend of Thai culture and region. Sport in Thailand is a thing that enhances the group relationship during the cultivating and harvesting period.

Sports in ancient Thailand were a form of entertainment and these sports takes place during the celebration of any royal festivals and religious ceremonies. During the ceremonies, old and young Thai men come together and participate in exciting games. Traditional Thai sport reflects a way of intellectual subtlety of Thai people.

Major traditional Thai Sports include:

Thai boxing

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Thai boxing or Muai Thai is a traditional sport and is an ancient type of martial art. The fights included in this sport are furious and fierce. Thai boxing is a unique sport that includes use of knees, elbows, and other body parts. Players play the game bare feet. There is a particular uniform for this with includes jersey and a bottom wear and glove fits. The winner is decided by the application of techniques instead of brute force. This sport is a way to entertain people and people also encourage their favorite player and contestant.

Boat racing

Boat racing is an ancient game dated from the Aytthaya period. This game was commonly staged to welcome rainy season during the month of October and November. During the festival, people gift hand-woven robes to monks. People decorate their boats as that they look different and unique. The boat race competition takes place between two or more communities.

Bull fighting

Bull fighting is one of the ancient sports in Thailand. This is popular in the southern regions of Thailand. Bull fighting was introduced by Portuguese traders during the Ayutthaya period. This is one of the popular games and a mean of entertainment that takes place during local festivals. The team is selected carefully for their skills and strength.

Sword and pole fighting

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Sword fighting was known as Fun Daab and Krabi Karabong. This is a form of martial arts and was the part of Medieval Millatery training. This includes patience, strength, strategy, and concentration. Participants perform a “Wai Khru” with musical instruments. This type of game played for excitement, which comes from the clashing of weapons and the music. Sword fighting was played by the young warriors of a particular community. The game showcases the royalty, strength, power, and dignity of the people.

Kite flying

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Kite fighting is the major and ancient traditional Thai sport. It was very popular in the country during the reign of King Rama IV. During that time, people were granted royal permission to fly kites. They make two types of kites one is for fighting and one is to display their royalty and strength. This festival generally organized during the summer months from March to May.

Thai chess

Chess is one of the games that are popular from ancient India and Thai chess is believed to have originated from India only. This game was played by military to plan strategies. This game was played on a square board with two people or opponent. Each opponent has six major types of chessmen, which include king, queen, horse, boat, and other keys. Players move the chessmen until the King of his opponent is cornered. Thai chess sharpens rapid calculation, helps in decision making, and provides an intellectual pleasure.

Takro Lot Huang

This is a game, which is played to entertain people and for time pass. Takro Lot Huang includes hitting the ball into a hoop in different styles. These hitting styles include rear hit, front hit, and side hit.


Thai people love to play different games as this was a way to express their feelings, especially happiness. Traditional Thai games include Thai chess, bull fighting, kite flying, boat racing, and Thai boxing.

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