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Wildlife tourism is not a recent activity that had won popularity among adventure loving tourists. Those with a strong penchant for wild life and its natural habitat had answered the irresistible call of the wild down the ages. In the past, […]


Tourism and photography are intertwined with each other past a considerable span of span of time. The tourist has realized both photography and tourism are complementary to each other, and there is a long history over the years backing up

Photographer Shooting

Holiday tourism promotes intercultural swaps, and you get to know how it feels like spending days amid a new set of people, a new place to stay in tasting alien culinary delicacies and exploring heritage monuments and ruins in far

woman on Holiday Tourism

Festival tourism is exploring a region at its height of fun, amusement, cheerful crowd and colorful spirit when the entire community is out to celebrate an event or a festival that had been ingrained in the local tradition and culture

Festival Tourism

Culinary tourism in organized shape is relatively a recent practice giving rise to an offshoot tourism niche. However, man’s love for good food is a much earlier phenomenon. Culinary tourism is a creation of historical and modern culture. Gastronomic tourism,


Rural tourism is a unique concept in the modern day tourism that focuses solely in participating in the rural life style. It can be termed as an alternate of agro tourism, a concept aimed in uplifting the rural areas inviting

Guide to rural tourism

Sports tourism is one of the most rapid growing sectors of the global travel and tourism industry, and it pours in stunning revenue of over $600 billion annually. It inspires a trip that is connected with either active participation in

Guide to sports tourism

Vegan travel is sweeping the world of tourism and travel and it is the most happening travel trend in 2018. The logic behind the selection of a vegan friendly city is the chance of finding some great vegan diet. Here

Where to go in Europe when you are a vegan

Indian cuisine is a perfect reflection of its cultural diversity greatly influenced by the traditions prevalent in different regions. Apart from authentic dishes, Mughlai cuisine occupies a significant position in Indian delicacies much appreciated by tourists. One can experience Portuguese

Indian travel cuisine

Think of meatballs and the first picture that probably comes to your mind is that of Italian spaghetti and red sauce decorated with perfectly round balls of meat. While the Italians may have perfected the art of making meatballs, there

taste of meatballs
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