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Top Ten Historical Sites in Malaysia

Top Ten historical Destination in Malaysia

1.Gua Niah, Miri Sarawak
One of the most important archaeological sites in the world.Human Prsence in the area has been dated to 40,000 years.The most extraordinary find is a human skull probably dating around 38,000 years. It is a National reserved Park that has a huge cave complex with the longest underwater caves.

2.Makam Mahsuri, Lankawai
Today a duty free paradise rivalling the famous Puket and incidently in the same area. The famous legend has it that a great beauty Mahsuri lived in the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukkaram Shah II in 1762 and 1850.She was acussed of being unfaithful to her husband by her own father in law and was sentenced to death. She pleaded iher innocence but to no awail and on the day she was killed her blood flowed white claiming her purity and she cursed the island for seven generation of misery. This became true with crops failing, widespread famine and misery prevailed.

3.Lembah Bujang , Kedah
Traces of an old civilization that sucessfully existed from 4th – 14th century were found here.The valley between Gunhing Jerai in the north and Sungai Muda in south is the exact location where items of porcelain, stoneware, clay pottery, beards and persian ceramics were dug out. The ruins of Chandi or temples have been discovered. The artificate can be seen at Lembah Bujang Archaeological Museum.

4.Batu Bersurat Terengganu
This is a stone artificate with inscription datind back to 1303. It declares Trenengganu’s official religion to be Islam in jawi script. It proclaimes a set of 10 laws but four are today ineligible as the top portion of the stone was broken and missing. It is significant since it confirms a government existed long before Malacca the famous seaport was founded. It can be viewed in the state museum. A replica can be seen at the main town circle.

5. Istana Lama Sri Meranti, Negri Sembilan
It is the last timber places in the country. It was destroyed by the British in 1875 but rebuilt in 1905. The four storey structure adopted the Minangkabau architure and not a single nail was used. The wooden planks are held by hard wood dowel and rivets. The wood used cengal and the rare kayu belian (iron wood). The place is now a royal museum and 13 km from Kuala Pilah.

6. Bukit Cina Melacca
In 1459, Ming Emperor of china sent his daughter,Princess Hang Li Po to marry Sultan Mansor Shah to strengthen ties with the rich and strategic port of Malacca.She brought 500 sons of ministers and a few hundred handmaidens. Bukit Cina was a gift from suktan to establish their residence. the followers of the Princesses built a well which became the only source of water during the great drought. It is most popular with visitors and acts as a wishing well.Hundreds of graves can be seen that are a curved letter u with a lid on top,on the grave cleaning day it is opened and the room built underneath is cleanded and the urns containg the ashes of forefathers.

7.Fort cornwallis, Penang
Penang is oldest landing site of the British into Malaysia.Capt. Francis light landed on this spot to open Penang in 1786 to the British. Named after 18th Century Governor General of Bengal, India.The fort housed arteillary troops but served more as an administrative post. It was a wooden structure initially but was reconstructed with 1808 and 1810 with bricks and stone.

8.St Paul Historical Complex Malacca

Built by portuguese , it is the site where St Francis xavier from 16th century once preached.A Formosa is the ruins of a massive fortification built in 1512, a tiny gate Porta de Santiago is all that is left. There are imposing Dutch period as well such as the red STADTHUYS from the 17th century which served as the residence of Dutuch Governors. It is today a museum and Ethnography which contain collection of relics, fine traditional wear and bridal costume. The Queen’s Victoria fountain at the Dutch Square commemorates the Diamond jubliee of her reign.

9.Kuala Pak Amat, Kota Baru, Kelantan
The landing of the Japanese army on Dec 8, 1941 marks the begining of Pacific War. The attack on pearl Harbour, often recognised as the start of the war took place 90 minutes after the invasion in Kota Bharu.Japanese troops advanced rapidly in south from the beach and also landings in patani and Songkhla in Thailand. By Mid- January they had reached Johor and the Battle of Malaya ended with the surender of Singapore on feb15th 1942.

10. Datarn Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
The most well known and photographed place in the capital.It was here at midnight on Aug 30 1957 the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag was hoisted gaining freedom from British. It continues to be the host of Independence parade every year to celebrate Malayian Independence Day.

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