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Top 5 British destinations much liked by celebrities

Stonehenge Great Britain

Great Britain had been an enchanting getaway very much liked by global celebrities some of them belonging to Hollywood class. Our familiar model of the Royal Buckingham Palace, the Cotswold walking tour and the London eye gets a renewed shot in the arm when celebrities step in. The pristine British charm and its breath-taking countryside landscapes have always had their tremendous idyllic influence on the celebrities. The entire stretch of Great Britain with Scotland far up in the north, England in the center and the islands of Ireland and Welsh are a collective hotspot for celebrities. Let alone spending a vacation, they even jump at an opportunity of buying properties creating a second home in these charismatic British Isles.

Here we explore top 5 British destinations that are hot favorites among Hollywood stars and celebrities.

St Andrews, Scotland:

This British hub has a nostalgic appeal for stalkers of Prince William and Kate Middleton as it is luring for golfing bugs too. The St Andrews world class golf courses are a golfer’s dream world including celebrity strikers. The story goes that it is here in St Andrews University, Prince William and Kate Middleton were shot by Cupids arrows. Oldest among the Scottish Universities, St Andrews is fondly called the top match-making University of Great Britain. The royal couple had made repeat visits to this famed destination and spent moments of intimacy amidst the rustic setting near St Andrews. This idyllic locale had also been a frequent haunt of the celebrity Hollywood couples Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones who spent long and ecstatic hours in the amazing sun drenched golf courses.

Cotswold, England:

The charm of Cotswold is very much “English” both in spirit and physical landscape. The essence of quintessential English milieu has tempted many a famous Hollywood characters to buy properties in Cotswold to spend a laidback vacation in this awesome English paradise- on- earth. While travelling to Cotswold and doing the well-known ramble it is quite likely, you would bump into the luxurious and sprawling properties owned by the Hollywood stars like Nicholas Cage, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet. Cotswold enjoys the top density of Hollywood celebrity inhabitation within the entire London city limits. The mystic and historical limestone villages would give you the taste of an idle English vacation with amazing museums, awesome parks and a number of castles to keep you engrossed with unrestricted freedom and pleasure. Apart from the British celebrities, Jay -Z and Beyoncé are also seen spending hours in Bath cafés and shops displaying exquisite antique pieces.

Yorkshire, England:

Approved by the celebrity Ron Weasley, who was in all praise for the stunning sea beach Yorkshire enjoys a premier status in the world beach comparison. The ancient misty town of Bridlington with its meandering narrow alleys is located in Yorkshire that lies on the north-eastern English coast. A favorite spot for sea surfers, celebrity Rupert Grint, the noted redhead movie character from” Harry Potter” prefers Yorkshire beach to Aussie Bondi beach down under when serious surfing is the choice.

The Witchery by the castle, Edinburgh, Scotland:

This piece of a legendary land located in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh is connected with seventeenth century witch hunting movement. This is certainly a historical place, and the name of the famous restaurant serving awesome food comes from the ancient macabre events of witch-hunting, which is a much deserved tribute to those unfortunate victims. Apart from the tragic connection, The Witchery is an exclusive dining restaurant in Edinburgh drawing tourists and gourmet enthusiasts alike. It is certified awesome by celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ewan Mc Gregor, Pearce Bronson, Jacques Villeneuve, Matt Goering, Danni Minogue and other personalities of worldwide fame who have dined here.


This is the apex city of the Britons with a dignified charm. Highly civilized and suave, the sophisticated English lifestyle has many celebrities to this city where history finely blends with a rich culture and modernity merges with literary wealth. The city is a grand exhibit of high rises, wonderful parks and gardens, amazing museums and grandeur of the Royal Palace. Spotlessly clean and dotted with high end fashionable mega malls, London stands as a powerful temptation to many movie stars. The famous Kew garden, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Lords cricket ground, the bridge on the river Thames and of course the rich English literary vibes of this city has been a reason for major celebrity draw.

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