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Top 10 historical Places of Singapore

historical Places of Singapore

Singapore has transformed into a tourist place for last few decades – it has plenty spots that can interest tourists and travelers. Some of them are lovely shopping arcades, museums, religious institutions, parks and amusement centers, natural sites of interest, heritage buildings and notable monuments. This article will enlist for you some of the best historical tourist places in Singapore that should not be missed if you visit the city. The bountiful nature unfolds beautiful sights to behold in real sense. The following places voice the history of Singapore:

  1. Abdul Gafoor Mosque: Abdul Gafoor Mosque was is actually celebrated as Shaikh  Abdul Gapore Mosque. Shaikh Abdul Gafoor formed this wooden mosque in 1859. Within a few years this Mosque became a landmark of Singapore. The bricks with multi colured glass cupola elevate the beauty of this Mosque. The furnished pillars of this Mosque highlight the Roman architecture.
  2. Anderson Bridge: Alison Bridge was conceptualized by the Straits settlement government and the Municipal Commissioners of Singapore. The specialty of this bridge lies in the stones it is made of. The builders collected this rare kind of stones from Egypt.
  3. Attorney-General: Attorney General’s office is celebrated as the first printing office of Singapore Government. It is located in Upper Seragoon Road. This building was conceptualized at 1976.
  4. Guan Yin Tang Temple: A Taoist formed Guan Yin Tang temple in 1880. The perfect combination of sea and hill highlights the solitude. And the power of almighty is being underlined with the two dragons situated in the roof of the temple that is made of pearl. This temple is named after the Monkey God Guan Yan.  He is known as the god of war.
  5. Bawaeanese Pandok: Bawaeanese Pandok was a social organization of Singapore. This organization helped the Bawaeanese to get accustomed with the culture of a foreign land. Married people used to rents the houses at Pondok. This place was facilitated with living rooms, kithchen a well furnished stare cases. The olden time interior of this housing transformed this place still attract the visitor of Singapore.
  6. Belle Vue House: Belle Vue House is the mark of the excellence of Coleman, the first architect of Singapore. Oxley was a doctor of a government hospital by profession. He haired Colemon to make a house for him. After Oxlay left the house Manasseh Mayer started living in this house. But even after so many years the artistic touch of Colemon immortalize Dr. Oxleys residence as a place of interest to the visitors.
  7. Cladwell: Cladwell was a Catholic school for girls. This convent was known as one of famous convents in Singapore. This covent was a brainchild of Father Beurel in 1854. This building was being deliberated in Neo Classical Style.
  8. Cathay Building: The design of Cathay Building voices the triumph of Victorian Art. Frank Brewer masterminded this building in 1939. It is recognized as the first Skyscrapers and second multi storey apartment of Singapore. In 1942, before surrendering to Japan Army the British Army took shelter in this apartment.
  9. Cathedral of The Good Shepherd: This Cathedral was formed by Denis Leslie Mc Swiney. This building is designed in Renaissance style. The Greek décor elevates the beauty of this Cathedral. This place was transformed into a hospital in time of battle in Singapore.
  10. Changi Gaol: Changi Gaol flgs the determination, bravery and originality. It was the where 600 prisoners were imprisoned. A group of 3500 people broke the wall of Changi Gaol and set the prisoners free in 1942.

To know the history of Singapore at its best, make sure to visit the above said places.

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