10 Best Things Found in Puerto Rico – Best things to do and see in Puerto Rico

Best Things Found in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful archipelago located in the north-eastern Caribbean Sea, United States. From beautiful pristine beaches to magnificent forts, Puerto Rico has lot to offer to her tourists. But apart from amazing sight-seeing places Puerto Rico is blessed with certain things like souvenirs, arts and artefacts that are native to this place. The people in this place are truly creative and the local goods are worth carrying back home. Tourists gorge on the shops selling local handicrafts. There are beautiful hand-crafted products that are unique identification of Perto Rico and many other things. Some of them include the following.

  1. Vejigante Mask: This brightly coloured folkloric mask is unique to Puerto Rico festivals. These masks are mostly available in all Puerto Rico souvenir shops and are a must buy. These are usually made from coconut shells or papier-mache.
  2. Arts and Crafts: There are many shops in the San Juan area that sells locally made arts and crafts. From beautiful ceramic vases to candleholders, from handicrafts to other merchandises those are unique and reasonable, you will get varieties of products that are very much ‘Puerto Rican’.
  3. Accessories and Ornaments: From traditional jewelleries to modern jewelleries, the souvenir shops of Puerto Rico have lot to offer. Ornaments made from steel and aluminium or multicoloured beads are common. You can even design your own in few of the shops. These authentic products are good as gifts and great to make a new style statement.
  4. Wall Hangings: Visiting Puerto Rico and not buying the authentic wall hangings of this place is equivalent to committing a crime. There are many options to choose from. Starting from small and cheap miniature figures to santos which are saints made from wood, or figures made from teeth and horns to other beautiful wall hangings, these are a must buy for any Puerto Rican tourist. Some shops even sell handmade miniature reproductions of the various forts and sculptures found in Puerto Rico and these are so intricately made that they look real.
  5. Ethnic Clothing: Famous is the guayabera t-shirts for men and hand-made panama hats where you can choose the ribbon colour you want and the shops will even get the hats custom-fitted for you. These dresses not only reaveal the real ethnic fashion of Puerto Rico, but gives a unique look to your dressing style altogether.
  6. Puppets: Puppets found in the many souvenir shop of Puerto Rico are generally handmade, colourful and beautiful and are a perfect gift for the children. Stuffed toys are yet another gift item that would be loved by the younger generation. You get them in various shapes, starting from animals to different flowers, dolls and even vehicles.
  7. Old Photographs: Photographs of the various landmarks of San Juan and other beautiful places which are digitally treated is yet another thing that is unique to Puerto Rico. The old photographs make good post cards and posters.
  8. Premium Coffee: This is something you would not like to miss as it is amongst the best coffee in the world. The coffee is rich, aromatic and creamy, something everybody will love to drink. The coffee packs are available both in factory outlets and retails shops; if you visit the factory you can also check out the processing method.
  9. Authentic Puerto Rican Music: Some stores offer traditional folk music that are good for you if are a music lover and you like to experiment with it.
  10. Rum: Puerto Rico is a rum-producer. Make sure of buying different brands of rum if you like to drink rum. Hand-made cigars are also famous.

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