Top 10 adventure activities must to do and must to see in the island of Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia Sea Kayaking

Top 10 adventure activities in the island of Hvar

If you love trolling on beaches, beach sports and sea food, add adventures to one of your interest because the island of HVAR, is going to blow your mind, with all the amazing adventures and so much more fun it has to add to your regular vacation outings and holiday plans. This beautiful island is known for its’ fields growing lavender.For leisure travelers, adventurists, business travelers and honeymoon couples, the place is equally lovable and welcoming. Here are the top ten adventure activities to enjoy in the island of Hvar.

  • Sea Kayaking- Who doesn’t love sea kayaking. Sea Kayaking around the island of Hvar will get to tired and yet make you want to take another round. It is even more fun when you go racing, in a group. This act is tried out by different age groups, however it should be done under supervision.
  • Biking– For those you love biking, this is going to be the most memorable of all your biking experience. Bike around the whole island and capture the picturesque scenes with your camera. Also capture the lavender fields you will see almost everywhere. For ardent bikers, the HVAR islands are a must visit destination.
  •  Rock Climbing– This is an activity most of us have probably not tried but yes always had a wish to. One of the reasons why this place is a tourist destination. The climbing is totally safe with guidance of experts and you can first go through the office climb which allows you to climb on walls before you go to the big rocks.
  •  Hiking-Love you trekking habit? You will love it even more on the island of Hvar. You will just not realize how much you’ve walked even after hours of hiking. You can roam around the island, visit the markets and buy unique things that are sure interest you. Get yourself a souvenir.
  •  Sailing- Rent anything that can take you sailing and sail around without any worries of any kind. The water here is safe with many explorers like you.
  •  Kite-surfing- This is a recent adventure added to the many of Hvar’s and it has successfully lured in more public and much more fun. For them who love doing something unique and laughing all the way having fun.
  •  Climb up the stone tower– The stone tower in Hvar is approx. 700 years old. It is a beauty and will take you high up from where you can see almost all of Hvar at a glance. This activity is tried out by young and agile people, however many elders are also seen to be enthusiastic and climb up the tower just to have a glimpse of the mesmerizing skyline.
  •  The festivals– Once you are in Hvar Islands somebody or the other will tell you about the going on festival there, they have festivals all year round celebrating music, food, etc. The known tourist attraction.
  •  Underwater land– Explore the world beneath your boat. Jump off the sailing and into the water see some of the fishes and water animals accompanying you in your lovely sailing journey. Most of the honeymoon couples prefer this activity as the guides take them together into an amazingly beautiful aqua world.
  • Visit places– Visit some amazing beaches and restaurants in Hvar. Find them in Jerolim, Plamizana, Stipanska or Zdrilca. Meet some amazing people of Hvar who will show you around keeping in mind you’re a tourist and are in their land. The food here is different too from the places you’ve eaten. Visiting Hvar is quite an amazing adventure.

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