Things to do post extreme tourism

On completion of extreme tourism, you feel at the top of the world. Feats achieved, heights scaled and inhospitable grounds explored bring in a fresh shot of triumph in you. You turn a role model overnight among your friends and relatives. They practically flock around you. You narrate your hair-raising experience as vividly as possible to spellbound listeners devouring every word pouring out of your mouth.

The audience you impress would have a few sincere extreme tourism enthusiasts keen on setting up records in their personal daring trip lists. You may well explain to them the technicalities of paragliding and parasailing. The subtle techniques of high risk mountain biking would flood them with a mad drive to try on their machines up rugged terrain for that matter.

Safety tips would be vital pieces of advice which would be much appreciated. The right kind of gear and equipments would update them on their next venture fired by inspiration founded on the first hand field information you enlighten them with.

You may make your live wire narration even more interesting with the help of your extreme tourism clippings recorded on a movie camera. There is an ample scope of making your experience lively by demos, and for this you will need the clippings projected on life-sized screens set up in your drawing room. Fixing up adjacent display boards where you sketch out diagrams and models would add an educative quality to all that you have to convey. Connect with your audience with vibrant conversation giving an ambiance of a serious instruction class of extreme tourism. Expect rapid fire questions shot at you, which you will have to handle confidently and convincingly. You will be able to do it as you are supported by your personal experience enriched with bits of practical training you had from a qualified and efficient field instructor.

Post extreme tourism, you may reach out to an even bigger circle of audience provided you take the help of internet. Social net working circuits will be left spell bound. Your bold endeavor will meet accolades, applauds and sincere appreciation. Extreme tourism exposes you to a very high profile adventure all charged with a thrill and rush of adrenaline. You are one of those tourists standing out with a sort of halo around you that you are somehow way apart from the ordinary.

The trip being done you may think seriously of a career in extreme tourism. It is lucrative and exciting. You can hone your skills in sports that extreme tourism has offered you like mountaineering, paragliding, bush walking and parasailing. A short course and a certificate and your passion for daring ventures could see a budding instructor in you out on a successful career hunt evolving gradually into a future extreme tourism organizer.

You can set up an entire website entirely dedicated to extreme tourism. Your hands on experience would certainly feature as blogs, anecdotes, illustrations, demonstrations and clippings in motion. You will have millions of queries fired at you. Updates referring to extreme tourism locations, availability of accommodation, likely expenses, facilities of extreme sports and daring ventures, quality of guides and instructors, availability and price of gears and equipments and the safety measures will crowd your website. You will enjoy answering these queries feeling you have contributed substantially towards extreme tourism.

Even a first-time exposure to extreme tourism loads you up with tons of updates. Depending upon what you have felt and done in your first daring venture, you can always plan your subsequent itineraries. The best accommodation available at optimal prices, the best quality outfits and gears, the best instructors around and of course the exact sites for a daring action would be preserved in your personal holiday planner to be referred to in your future ventures. Do not forget to take the contact details of your instructor for future communication. Post extreme tourism, you can always renew your touch about new developments in the field.

Every subsequent trip to extreme destinations will fill your bucket with ever-expanding volume of knowledge in the field. Someday your can start your own extreme tour club. Your knowledge in the field and your organizing skills which you have developed over years of extreme trips will draw more and more enthusiasts to your club for membership. Once you have a big team eager for extreme tourism, many issues that you confront on tour will be shared and so would many of your extreme tour expenses.

Certain extreme endeavors like mountaineering and long endurance walks demand top physical conditions. This would require the right combination of physical workouts and a healthy diet regime. Post extreme tourism you may concentrate on these two areas back home. You may supplement your effort with more reads on the subject. On your next venture, you come out with flying colors!

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