Things every travel company must learn from Airbnb

Based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects travelers with vacation rentals owners without any intermediation to ensure quick and fair deals for both guests and hosts. Named Company of the Year 2014 by Inc Magazine, the marketplace platform does not own any rooms or property and requires hosts as well as travelers to register with the company using different means.

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Established in 2008, the online company has literally disrupted the traditional travel industry and set a benchmark for both upcoming as well as established travel companies across the world. Here we have listed some of the most prominent strategies or principals that every travel company must learn from Airbnb to thrive in the travel industry.

Content Strategy

Airbnb believes in a long-term content strategy and leads the way with expressive content to bind people together. Uniting people as a backdrop, the company runs strong search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns to promote their content projects like “Wall and Chain” (the Berlin Wall film), “Economic Impact studies” and “hospitality index” and strike a chord with the audiences.

Strong Company Culture

The online marketplace believes in developing core values, while encouraging team member to focus on the mission of the company. To achieve their mission, the company hires highly qualified and talented staff that helps the company develop strong work culture and thus, grow in the long run. These employees simply raise the bar for fellow staff as well as the management. Airbnb also focus on having a clear mission, developing values, and teamwork to strengthen the company culture.

Marketing Principles

Airbnb follows solid marketing principles to push new content strategies and build community. The company encourages active participation of customers to develop the content through customer feedback, especially on social media platforms, and add values and substance to ensure compelling content. The online marketplace looks to connect the storytelling to larger issues and events going on in the world to have a bigger impact on communities. Apart from tried and tested methods, the company to experiment with new techniques to develop and promote content on the web.


Branding or rebranding of a product or company, from the pre-launch campaigns to the post-launch restoration, needs to be handled carefully, and Airbnb is a textbook example of managing a new brand launch. The company tactfully engaged the press and dropped hints to prevent their barding appear abrupt or unexpected. They narrated their story confidently across different channels and personalized the storytelling to attract the attention of the masses and engage the community with the brand.

Every company must follow some basic principles to engage their customers and channelize their strengths to launch and establish the brand in the market. Airbnb has set an example to launch and promote the brand for new companies or startups looking to make a mark in the market.

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