How Internet of Things (IoT) helps hospitality and travel industry innovate

Internet of Things

With businesses relying more on technology and shared information, the Internet of Things (IoT), aka Network of Everything, is coming handy, as they can now embed different objects with sensors to ensure better communication. The improved communication and quick transfer of information or data helps industries (especially travel and hospitality) innovate with their business models, develop effective business practices, and decrease risks and expenditures for safe and sustainable growth.

By 2020, a person will have a direct link to at least nine devices on earth that will definitely have a great impact on the hospitality and travel industry around the world. In the following, we will learn about the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on hotel and travel industry.

Impact of IoT on the travel and hotel industry:

Innovations in gadgets and technology have paved the way for smart devices to make their presence felt in modern homes. These technologies are being used in travel and hospitality industry to monitor the activities of travelers and vacationers. Now there are sensors to track the mobility and comfort of the travelers, and with the help of IoT and shared information, hotels and travel agencies make sure to offer effective and personalized services to their guests or travelers.

How IoT affects hospitality sector:

With smart gadgets, now guests need not to waste any time at the reception while checking in, as they will have an electronic key on their device as soon as they enter the hotel. The room door will sense the key, dispatched to the device, and open automatically to welcome guests. The hotel recognizes the likes and dislikes of the guests, based on their previous visits, and sets the desired room temperature without any intervention and overuse use of energy.

The smart coffee maker in the pantry will recognize your taste and thus, brew the favorite coffee or aroma of guests without any command or wasting any time. Guests can also the check the outside temperature and weather conditions in the mirror.

How IoT affects airline travel:

For travelers moving by air, the luggage with built-in display will present the weight of their stuff packed within, so that they can keep the weight of the suitcase within permissible limit. With the Internet of Things, they need not to stand in long queues to clear their luggage at the check-in counter. Now all they have to do is swipe their ticket to clear the luggage and get the destination details automatically.

Travelers need not to verify their travel documents, as automated iris scanners completes all the verifications and let them bypass the security gate without any hassle. The robotic gate manager verifies the electronic ticket on the smart device of passengers as they enter the security gate. As soon as the passenger enters the plane, a light will flash to indicate the seat.

Internet of Things (IoT) sharing the information between different devices can help the hospitality and travel industry simplify their processes to ensure a comfortable vacation for travelers worldwide.

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