Ten Most Amazing Rooftop Pools

Swimming pools are quite important as far as staying healthy is concerned. Swimming helps in obtaining a healthy heart and in burning that extra calorie that might turn into fat soon. In recent days people are becoming more inclined towards swimming as it provides them with an opportunity to stay healthy. It is also the most exciting and enjoyable exercise as it does not require lifting huge weights and running miles though the effects are no less than regular workouts. It has also been a trend in present days to learn swimming to keep physical fitness intact. The swimming pools these days are no longer limited to swimming training centers or sports complex. Almost every hotel with higher number of star rating has included swimming pools as a feature of the hotel to attract people to stay there.

The concept of preparing a swimming pool has left the traditional design far away and the innovative rooftop pools have almost replaced old day swimming pools. The concept of rooftop pools not only saves valuable space but also provides you with a better experience and better views from your rooftop while taking a dip in the pool. Preparing swimming pools on rooftops is a bit more costly as compared to traditional ones and does require modern day architectural knowledge. However, most of the hotels, resorts, and rich homeowners prefer rooftop pools as these are becoming quite popular these days.

Though there are many rooftop pools in many hotels and resorts, few of them are extra-ordinarily designed and worth visiting once in a life time. They are quite different from the other rooftop pools as far as the views and surrounding atmosphere is concerned.

Let us discuss about few swimming pools of those kinds that cannot be ignored and one must visit them to experience the difference.

Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The specialty of the rooftop swimming pool in Hotel unique is the underwater sound system that gives you a new and exciting experience of enjoying music while swimming. Though Brazil is popular for its beautiful beaches and undying sceneries, tourists do love indoor swimming. The water of the rooftop pool seems changing its color with the change in the color of the sky here.

Thompson Hotel, Toronto, Canada

The rooftop pool in the Thompson hotel in Canada is popular for the panoramic view it provides from the top of the hotel. The pool gives you a memorable experience while swimming during the day time and a cocktail can make your swimming even more wonderful in the evening. There is no concern of overcrowding here and you can enjoy your swimming session till you are satisfied.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The design of this multibillion-dollar resort and casino is given by Architect Moshe Safdie. The building of the structure is a 55-storied one and the rooftop pool is stretched for 500 feet. At least 250 kinds of tree species and several other plants make the surrounding of the pool greener and more exciting. It is claimed to be the largest rooftop swimming pool present in the world till date.

The Vine, Madeira

The hotel has spent a lot on beautifying the rooftop swimming pool as it has been designed to beguile water of the pool along with a 20 meters long Jacuzzi. The location of the swimming pool is ideal to witness the capital city of Madeira.

Ubud Hotel, Payangan, Bali

The rooftop swimming pool in Ubud hotel is famous for the location and the excellent scenic views that can be witness from the swimming pool. The location of this hotel is far away from the city and deprived of any kind of disturbance. If you long to spend few hours of peace in a tranquil environment, this hotel and this pool can be the obvious choice.

Hotel Adriana’s The Top, Hvar, Croatia

The specialty of the rooftop swimming pool available in this hotel is the sea water that is provided in the pool. If you want to view Venetian Piazza while swimming, you can choose to visit this hotel. Another attraction of the pool is the neon illumination in the pool during night time.

Aguas de Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain

The pool present in this hotel can be said to be complete in all respects. Say it is sun, music or an opportunity to relax; it provides you with every possible aspect of a chilling swimming session. As the beach is a stone throw away from the hotel, the sunset is seen in a better way from the rooftop pool and it is breathtaking.

Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From the rooftop pool of this hotel, the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the Petronas Twin Towers, and the bar are clearly visible. The hotel has also achieved an award for becoming the best night spot in Malaysia.

The W Hotel, Hong Kong

The rooftop pool of the W hotel is on the 76th floor of the hotel. This makes the pool one of the highly elevated pools. The height of the pool helps the visitors enjoy the cool breeze and the panoramic view surrounding the hotel.

Hotel Udai Kothi, Udaipur, India

The hotel Udai Kothi is a blend of ancient structures and modern facilities. There is also a quite good restaurant and Jacuzzi to help the travelers enjoy the place to the fullest. The ancient structures of the buildings give the place with an artistic touch, which attracts a good number of foreigners every year to this hotel.

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