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Port Elizabeth is often described as sleepy and is not always revered for its nightlife. Nightlife in Port Elizabeth is fairly subdued during the week, but the weekends are flared up with vibrant musical corners, jazz, upbeat music, foods and […]

Port Elizabeth Nightlife Spots

Port Elizabeth is the hub of various adventures and a popular tourist destination. You can find awesome places to eat, often accompanied with stunning views of the sea. The restaurants of Port Elizabeth are favorite spots of wines and dines

Port Elizabeth Amazing Restaurants

The budget hotels in Port of Elizabeth make sure for you to stay comfortably and hence, these are known to be the best tourist destinations. Below mentioned are the top 10 budget hotels of Port of Elizabeth, which have been

Port Elizabeth budget, Low cost Hotels

Port of Elizabeth is such a wonderful place and one of the best tourist destinations that you should visit once in your lifetime. When you are here, you can also be lucky enough to enjoy the amazing festivals or celebrations

Colorful New Year firework celebrations on the Shark Rock Pier in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Having a luxurious stay in Port of Elizabeth would add on to your brilliant experience when you are here. All these hotels are known to be the best tourist destinations as well. Below mentioned are the top 10 luxurious hotels

Port Elizabeth Luxury Hotels

Port of Elizabeth is well-known for the various tourist attractions and it is very sure that you will have a lovely time being here. There are various places to visit when you are here and these are the best. Below

City Hall Port Elizabeth

Shopping in Port Elizabeth is something that you will love as there are numerous tourist attractions that are set up for the people to have an amazing shopping experience. The shopping plazas sell everything starting from clothes, jewelleries, branded items,

Port Elizabeth Shopping Malls

Enjoying in any of the parks or amusement centres in Port of Elizabeth can be a wonderful thing for a perfect vacation. There are numerous parks and amusement centres here that have been serving as the best tourist destinations, since

Port Elizabeth Amusement Centers
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