Top 10 festivals and celebrations in Port of Elizabeth for the best time


Port of Elizabeth is such a wonderful place and one of the best tourist destinations that you should visit once in your lifetime. When you are here, you can also be lucky enough to enjoy the amazing festivals or celebrations that take place throughout the year. The various grand celebrations conducted here are the best tourist attractions as well. Below mentioned are the top 10 festivals/ celebrations in Port of Elizabeth.

  •   The Herald Cycle Tour – This is a very famous occasion of Port of Elizabeth. It starts from Addo Elephant National Par and ends here. You can find 3 route options. The cyclists take part in this event and is celebrated in a grand way.
  •   Chilli Festival – This is another festival that is usually celebrated at the end the February month or during the beginning of March. You can find a lot of chillies in the food that is meant for sale. On this festival, you can also decide to buy the chilli plants.
  •   Human Rights Day – This special day is celebrated on 21st March of every month. It is declared as a public holiday. In the year 1996, South African Human Rights Commission was set up for the purpose of promoting human rights and also development and attainment of the same.
  •  Kirkwood Wildlife Festival – In this festival, you can find a lot of arts, crafts, wildlife and a lot more other things. Numerous people join this festival and you can also experience serious auction of valuable animals and games.
  •  Nelson Mandela Bay Splash Festival – This is known to be a very famous and renowned festival that happens every year. This is a 4 day fun family festival, where you can experience a lot of adventures like water sport competitions and many other things for entertainment purpose. You can also enjoy the live performances by various topmost South African artists and also the splendid fireworks display.
  •  South Africa’s National Arts Festival – This is known to be a very famous cultural event conducted here. It takes place at Grahamstown and you can enjoy the wonderful feast of crafts and arts and also enjoy the pure entertainment.
  •  National Heritage Day – This is celebrated on 24th of September every year and tries in highlighting the language, history and the traditional cuisine of this place. Every year, Government decides a theme for the celebrations.
  •  Addo Rose and Garden Show – This lovely festival takes place in Addo, where more than 40 varieties of roses and at least a total of 16000 roses would be kept on display. The money collected after the success of the festival is contributed to the development of rural people.
  •   Nelson Mandela’s Birthday – Every year, 18th of July is celebrated as birthday of the very famous citizen of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This festival is celebrated in the best way with parties or social gatherings.
  •   Freedom Day – This very famous celebration takes place on 27th of April every year for the purpose of observing the first democratic elections that was held in South Africa in the year 1994.

Festivals speak about the culture of the country and shows how the history and tradition is reflected even in the present generations. Port of Elizabeth is one such place, where its festivals speak volumes about the people, culture, rituals and traditions. The tourists visiting the place often aim to select the time of the year according to the festival calendar. The above said festivals of the city is unmatched and of true enjoyable colours.

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