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Switzerland Adventure Places – Top 10 tourist destinations in Switzerland for an adventurous trip

Gornergrat train and Matterhorn. Switzerland

Tourist attractions in Switzerland are something that you should never miss. These places attract tourists from many places across the world. Below mentioned are the top 10 tourist destinations in Switzerland, which will be loved by you and it is very sure that you will feel like visiting these places again and again.

  • The Matterhorn – This is known to be one of the renowned mountains in the world that measures 4478 meters high. Many climbers try to reach this summit every year and it will surely provide you with wonderful experience.
  • Swiss National Park – This national park was established in the year 1914 and is known to be one of the oldest national parks. The interesting thing about this park is that, almost covers half part of Switzerland. You can find many animals here that include marmots, eagles, elks and a lot more.
  • The Chillon Castle – This is one of the very renowned castles of Switzerland and is situated close to Montreux. This castle is very beautiful and consists of 100 buildings, 3 courtyards, 4 great halls and many dungeons. From every hall, you can view the amazing beauty of Lake Geneva.
  • Zermatt – This is known for the amazing ski resort and you can enjoy skiing in this place. There is a gourmand restaurant situated here, wherein you can enjoy a lovely dining experience as well. You can also find many markets here for shopping purpose.
  • The Tropical Alps – This place is well-known for the beautiful palm trees. You can also view the lovely glaciers here. The culture of this place is very rich and is the best recommended place to visit.
  • Lake Geneva – This lake is known to be one of the largest lakes of Europe and is extremely beautiful. If you view from above, this lake almost looks like a crescent moon. This lake is the best for a few water sport activities as well.
  • Interlaken – This is the best place in Switzerland that provides the best recreational facilities. Various activities like bungee jumping, river rafting, paragliding, skiing can be enjoyed here. The outdoor adventure is known to be great in this place.
  • Zurich – This is a town that is 2000 years old that has a very rich history. You can get used to the modern lifestyle here and enjoy in the international boutiques, trendy cafes and such other places.
  • The Rhine Falls – This amazing sight is located in Schaffhausen and is known to be the largest waterfall in the whole of Europe. You can enjoy the amazing boat ride and have the best time during the times of summer.
  • Aletsch glacier – This glacier has got the credit of being the longest and the breathtaking glacier that is 23 km long. This is found in the west-southern part of the country and is a highly recommended tourist destination as well.

With so many options to tour in Switzerland, you will never fall short of places and can have the best time of your life with the amazing weather and lovely people.

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