Sure attractions that you can’t afford to miss in Basque Country

The western end of the gorgeous Concha beach San Sebastián extends to a wide stretch of golden yellow sand overseeing grand hotels and residential blocks. Behind the apartments, one may eventually find the Old town of The Parte Viejas. The streets that lead from the town to the Plaza de la Constitución are extremely narrow and interconnected. They all tend to lead to the same hotel or bar. Basque Country stands at the union of three French Provinces and celebrates many faiths. This country is the cultural blend of westernized and rural culture. It is dotted with more than a million farmhouses. Being a countryside settlement, it has many traditional as well as modern commercial centers. No matter what the size of the market is the goods are always authentic. Mercado de la Ribera in Bilbao and La Brecha in San Sebastían are great places to shop in Basque Country.


Bilbao, the capital of Basque city, features this market, which is situated inside huge yellow building and stands besides flowing river. A wall here takes proudly over the Mercado de la Ribera to be the largest covered food market in the world. Springs are the time for quality baby peas and asparagus. The sellers pack asparagus inside cabbage leaves in square wooden baskets to retain the freshness of the product.

The second floor has interiors comprising of stained glass that gives an overall magical experience to this building. Freshly made white sheep’s cheese, stacks of dried peppers and Basque’s green pepper dipped in vinegar are specialties here. This market is country’s largest wholesale market where you could find goods carefully collected to match the gourmet quality. These goods are freshly available. For fancy foodies, we have here dark chocolate from Barcelona chocolatier Xavier Mor, and late-harvest txakoli from the Itsas Mendi winery.




This old market, standing proud since 1870s, is an impressive fish market. Laid over white marble slabs and projected with theatre lights to give a better view to the shoppers, you will find the display for selling fish to be a traditional one. Fishermen or women stand behind the platforms and bargain with customers for better deals. These people take seafood very seriously and follow primitive cooking methods. They use traditional fish catching methods and utilize hooks and nets for the same. In this market, you can find fish like the crayfish, baby eels and newer varieties like Barnacle. With their intent to serve seafood lovers with newer delicacies, anglers hunt for best and fresh variety next morning Once they’ve sold out most of their fish.

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