Spain Historical Sites – Top 10 Historical Places in Spain that takes you back to the old times

Spain is a well-known place for the very rich history of the Iberian peninsula dating back to the pre historic times. There are in fact some heritage and historical monuments and buildings that behold the timeless history and its glorifying era. This is the main reason; it is known to be one of the best tourist attractions especially for history lovers. The well maintained historical sites today serve as some of the major tourist attractions and they are preserved with utmost care as the government’s possession. There are various historical monuments and places in Spain that you will love to visit. Below mentioned are some interesting things on the top 10 historical places in Spain.

  • Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain – It is located at Santillana del Mar. It contains the painting of Upper Paleolithic period. The caves are well-preserved because of their deep isolation from the external climate.
  • Historic Center of Cordoba – The Catholic Church of 7th century was converted into great mosque of Cordoba in 8th century and was again restored to Roman Catholic cathedral in 13th century by Ferdinand III. During the period of Moorish rule of the region, the Cordoba had over 300 mosques and architecture.
  •  Burgos Cathedral – The Burgos cathedral was constructed between the 13th and 16th centuries. It is the burial place of Spanish national hero, El Cid. It is a gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral in Burgos.
  •  Monastery and Site of the Escorial – Escorial is a royal site of Spanish and is a residence of royal family in history. The royal palace was planned by King Philip II and was constructed by Juan Bautista de Toledo to serve as a memorial to Spain’s Christian world.
  •  Works of Antoni Gaudi – The construction of Antoni Gaudi is branch of the Modernist style and his designs are explained as highly exclusive. Originally in Antoni Gaudi there was Park Guell, Palau Guell and Casa Mila. Recently in the year 2005, the additional room was added Casa Vicens, The cryst, Colonia Guell.
  •  Santiago de Compostela – It is a burial place of the apostle James and is the last place of the way of St. James across northern Spain. The town was destroyed by Muslims in 10th century and was rebuilt in 1985.
  •  Old Town of Ávila with its Extra-Muros Churches – The protective wall was constructed around the town in 11th century with 82 semicircular towers and 9 gates. It is a best example town wall in Spain.
  •  Garajonay National Park – The park is covered by laurel forest from the tertiary period and now it has been disappeared due to climate change. It has covered maximum part of the southern continent.
  •  Casa de las Conchas – It is a very beautiful building of the Spain, later it is named as House of the shells. Its original owner is Dr. Rodrigo Maldonado de Talavera who was a doctor at the court of Isabel and a member of the order of Santiago. Now it is known as public library.
  •    Casa de America – Palacio de Linares – It was built in 1877 and 1900 and it was famous location where real Madrid’s major victories are celebrated. This palace is well known for ghost stories. The Casa de America is a showcase of Latin American Art. The visitors come here to admire the architecture and treasures.

Some of the best historical sites are described here, make sure to visit these when you are in Spain.

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