Spain Festivals & Celebrations – Top 10 festivals and celebrations in× Spain that you will love

Fun and fiestas is always a part of Spain. This place is filled with various crazy festivals and these are something that should never be missed. These festivals are extraordinary and that is the reason, this place is known to be one of the best tourist destinations. In most of tourist attractions of Spain, such festivals are celebrated with pomp and splendour. Below mentioned are the 10 big time festivals celebrated in Spain.

  •  La Tomatina – This is known to be one of the craziest festivals of Spain of all times. It is usually celebrated at the end of the August month, where numerous people gather in Bunol, that is located in Valencia. Tomatoes are thrown at each other as a part of tradition. This is a fun festival.
  •   Las Fallas – This is a greatest carnival that takes place during the month of March every year in the Valencia city. This festival takes place for 4 days and many events take place during these 4 days like performances, bonfires, fireworks, papier-mache figurines and a lot more.
  •   Carnival – Places like Cadiz, Tenerife and Sitges host the very famous carnivals in Spain. Huge open parties take place on the streets. With performances and parades, lovely celebration takes place here. The whole towns get dressed up and dances will be performed all over the streets all over the night.
  •   La Feria de Abril – This festival is celebrated in Seville and begins on Monday night where, numerous light bulbs are lit and there will be a celebration that goes on for the entire week, where various activities are performed like singing, dancing and a lot more. You can also get amazing wine and delicious food. The people who attend the celebration usually wear Andalusian Sevillanas dresses, which look almost like Flamenco dress.
  •   San Fermin – This festival is all about running of the bulls, which is one of the very craziest festivals of Spain. It is a renowned festival throughout the world. It takes place for a week in the month of July. You need to go to North Spain, to city of Pamplona to watch this traditional bull race of Spain.
  •   Dia de los Reyes Magos – Christmas gifts are exchanged on January 6th here. On the previous night the cabalgatas parades are arranged. 3 kings walk on the streets and candies are thrown to the children by the kings. The kids receive their gifts the next morning.
  •   Festa Mejor de Gracia – This festival takes place every year in the month of August for 8 days. Numerous people visit take part in this festival where they participate in free outdoor concerts and various other family activities. During this festival, the streets will be decorated very beautifully and various shops will be installed to buy different festival souvenirs.
  •   Els Enfarinats – This festival takes place in Iba, Spain on April Fool’s day. Numerous people gather here and express joy by throwing flour and eggs at one another. This festival is celebrated for the purpose of great joy.
  •   La Raima – After the grape harvest is over every year, it is very essential to get the hard work recognised. Grapes are thrown against each other during this festival and this is the festival of immense joy.
  •   Wine Battle of Haro – In Haro, there will be wine drinking competitions held every year in the month of June. Rioja wine is a very famous type of wine that is made use in this festival. Everybody is gathered at 9 PM in the morning and the procession starts later. This festival spreads a lot of joy.

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