Seven of the World’s Craziest Water Slides for Fun Lovers

During the summer time, people generally look for some retreats and refreshment through various means. You may also sit under an air conditioner or eat and drink cold items, but a much more fun and entertaining way of beating the heat is by going to a water park and slide through the crazy waters. A water slide can get you amazing twists and turns, and finally drops you into cool pools. Isn’t that thrilling and entertaining? If you feel all this is going to be so exciting, come to the following crazy water slides where you can get the most thrilling fun.

Scorpion’s Tail at Noah’s Ark Family Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Canada’s WhiteWater West designed America’s first capsule slide, the Scorpion’s Tail. This slide gives you an almost vertical drop at a rate of about 50 feet per second. This 10-storey slide is 400 feet in length and the capsule is made of translucent fiberglass in order to have a nice view of the ride from the ground level.

You do not get to sit down or slide inside this capsule. You simply have to stand straight for three seconds after which the floor under your feet is pulled away and you fall down the capsule. This free fall is only controlled by a loop slowing down the gravitational force after you get dropped into the water. Inside the capsule, there are nozzles located at a distance of every 3-4 feet so these can spray mist while you are falling down. That only makes the fall a little comfortable for you. But, you need to be brave at heart to enjoy this exciting free fall.

The Wedgie at WhiteWater World, Dreamworld, Coomera, Australia: ProSlide has designed this slide that takes climbers at a height of 58 feet from where they experience a nearly vertical free fall through an enclosed tunnel. This is a narrow 32-inch tunnel slide. The speed of fall through this slide keeps increasing up to 38 feet per second. The deceleration happens after you complete the 360-degree loop ride. This ride is more thrilling than it appears to be as you get a total of 60 feet of drop in just six seconds.

Summit Plummet at Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach, Orlando, Florida: Do you think you need a more adventurous ride? Then, you may get on this water slide that gives a high-speed drop from the 12th storey. Summit Plummet is the tallest and fastest free-fall slide in the world that keeps you shocked throughout the ride. First, you get a shocking drop after which you are accelerated at a speed of 50-60 mph. While moving through this 360-foot-long slide, there comes a point when you suddenly get transitioned from a vertical to a horizontal drop! Do you still think it is less adventurous?

The Triple Twist at Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, Ohio, and Kansas City, Kansas: It is a five-storey topsy-turvy slide in the shape of a half pipe. World’s first triple funnels, The Tripe Twist makes you slide through various curves and turns before you get a sudden drop. You keep oscillating back and forth when dropped into the funnel, and then back into the tunnel and funnel again. So, there is some rocking action hidden in these tunnels.

The Wildebeest at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana: It is a 178-foot hydromagnetic water ride with seven drops. The ride through this slide covers one-third mile within merely two and a half minutes. Its linear induction motors make the slide go uphill and downhill at the same speed of 36 feet per second, as well as make it carry four-person rafts easily.

Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai: This slide is about 416 feet that makes people go down at speeds higher than 50 miles per hour. There is a drop of about 105 feet. If you are quick to take a look, you will be able to get a view of Dubai’s coast as you slide down.

Leap of Faith at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas: Atlantis has a waterscape of around 140 acre and the Faith of Leap slide is a part of the same waterscape. You will get the feel that you are in front of a Mayan temple when you actually see this 60-foot slide. The Leap of Faith is given this name for the possible reason that there is an acrylic tunnel at the end of this perpendicular slide that takes the slider through a lagoon filled with dangerous sharks ready to gobble up anything at the blink of an eye. Its aquarium is a unique attraction and sliders get separated from sharks by translucent tubes that are safe not to be gulped by these predators.

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