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Profiling the most enchanting national parks in China – A treat for any nature lover

Profiling the most enchanting national parks in China - A treat for any nature lover

China is known for its unique style of governance in addition to being the most populated country in the world, but tourism also remains a major attraction. Government in China has taken special measures to conserve and showcase the beautiful ecosystem, which is a unique feature of the country’s picturesque landscape. National parks remain an important part of this ecosystem conservation process. According to statistics, China has a total number of 225 national parks. Let us profile some of these beautiful ecosystem spots.

Jiuzhai Valley – Huanglong National Park

Jiuzhai Valley-Huanglong National Park, also termed as Jiuzhaigou valley, is arguably the most beautiful of all the parks present in the country. After getting recognized as a prestigious UNESCO heritage site in 1992, its popularity has increased steadily. It’s located in South-western china, ambushed in the Sichuan province. Nearly 2 million visitors were estimated to visit the place every year, as per the records furnished in 2002. Some of the most endangered species in the world have established their habitat in this park. The total area of the park is estimated to be somewhere around 720 square kilometres. The overall land structure of the park is formed by three valleys, which makes it even more picturesque and enchanting.

Wulingyuan National park

The next name on the list is that of the enchanting Wulingyuan National park. It is located in the town of Zhangjiajie, which is a part of the province of Hunan. Moderate climate coupled with easy transportation access, makes this park a prominent ecotourism spot. The importance of Wulingyuan National Park’s eco diversity was recognised long back by UNESCO, which granted the park with World Heritage site recognition. It houses numerous parks, with Zhangjiajie National park being the most prominent one amongst all. Zhangjiajie also carries the prestigious recognition of being the first national park in China, having been conferred this status way back in 1992.

Huangshan National Park

Huangshan National Park is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in China. Situated in the province of Anhui, it is famous for its gorgeous granite mountain ranges. Transportation and Hospitality are the two major reasons why the national park enjoys such a great reputation all over the world. According to the statistics, almost 15 million people paid visit to Huangshan National Park back in the year 2007.

Mount Lushan National Park

Last name on the list is that of the often-explored Mount Lushan National Park. The park is scenically a treat for any visitor, with its pleasing climate being its major advantage. It is an officially recognized UNESCO heritage site, situated in the Jianxi province. The botanical garden located in the park is a habitat for diverse types of plants.

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