Popular and stunning underground tourist spots

The obvious distinguishing factor of these tourist places is there underground presence, which is interesting and an adventurous experiencefor all.

Wieliczka salt mine, Poland

The site was declared as a national monument in 1994 and is visited by over a million people each year. The site is one of the oldest salt producing mines in the world, operating since the 13th century until 2007. Due to floods and fall in slat prices commercial mining was stopped here in 1996. The major attractions of the mine are the four chapels and numerous statues made from rock salt by the miners.

Dambulla cave temple, Sri Lanka

Flocked by thousands of tourists every year, the underground Dambulla cave temple is also known as the Golden temple of Dambulla. There are several statues of Buddha along with some of the kings and Hindu deities. The 45 feet long, statute of sleeping Buddha attracts the most attention in the cave. The wall murals and the paintings in the cave date back to the 2nd century and form a significant depiction of ancient artwork. The site is about 92 miles from the capital city of Colombo.

Seattle Underground, USA

A fire devastated the city of Seattle in 1889, in this great fire 31 blocks, comprising of wooden buildings were destroyed. The cause of fire was greased based glue, which caught fire and spread quickly when attempts were made to extinguish it with water. In the restoration process all the buildings were made from concrete and bricks, it was decided that they would be raise by a level over the destroyed area. The underground area remained in prominent use until 1907, the area was abandoned due to fear of plague. Tours to the underground Seattle began in 1965 and continues until date with a large number of visitors.

Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam

The Cu Chi tunnels are about 75 miles long and only a small portion is open for tourists. These are a part of a massive network of tunnels throughout the country, built and once used by the military. The soldiers would spend their day in the tunnels andwould surface out at night in search of food and attacking the enemy during the Vietnam wars. The visitors are shown these tunnels as a war memorial.

If you are bored of visiting the regular tourist destinations, these underground attractions will fulfill your quest of visitingan unusual and fascinating place.

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