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Places where you must carry a lot of waterproof clothes

Dartmouth in England

Different places on earth have different landscapes and climatic conditions. While some areas receive less or no rainfall and remain dry and arid for the most part of the year, some areas receive so much rainfall that it would be difficult to visit them without carrying along quite a number of raincoats and waterproof clothes. And if you are looking for such a place for your next vacation, then here are some of the places which enjoy the highest amount of rainfall on the planet.

Cherrapunji in India

Welcome to the wettest place on earth (as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records)! Located on the Eastern region of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, this hill station enjoys monsoons throughout the year. It would actually be surprising if a single day goes by here without raining.

The constant rainfall has actually made it favorable for several tree roots to grow out of the ground and intertwine with each other to form giant ‘living bridges’ stretching across the rivers located in the region. The locals use these bridges to cross the rivers. And thanks to the constant humid conditions, the bridges keep on growing and strengthening over time. Most of these bridges are supposedly 500 years old and still growing! And apart from walking on these natural beauties, you can visit several waterfalls and scenic hills located in the region.

Mount Bellenden Ker in Australia

Located in Queensland, Mount Bellenden Ker is considered to be the wettest region in the Australian continent, and records an annual rainfall of up to 490 inches (the highest so far). Bellenden Ker is actually located at the base of the mountain and is known for its diverse landscapes, scenic drives and stunning waterfalls.

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela

It’s not many times that we get to see Mother Nature unleash her fury. Not so for the people residing in the Lake Maracaibo region of Venezuela though! In addition to the abundant rainfall the area witnesses throughout the year, Lake Maracaibo is known for one more thing; the stunning natural lightning shows that light up the skies for at least 10 hours every day, for almost 160 days annually.

The spectacular lightning show over the lake has to be seen to be believed. And watching it would only make one wonder as to whether this would be the place on earth where storms are generated and then passed out to other areas.


Mount Emei in China

Witnessing an annual rainfall of nearly 69 inches, mostly in the months of June-September, Mount Emei is located at a staggering height of 3099 meters on one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism. Surprisingly, the place received more rainfall in the summer season!

Mount Emei is best explored on foot and has several temples, monasteries and shrines located at frequent intervals on the way. And in addition to exploring these places, you can witness some of the most beautiful sunrises in the entire world. Not to forget mentioning the stunning sight of Clouds Sea and the incredibly inquisitive Tibetan Macaques that love being fed by tourists,  but would not hesitate to pick your pocket if you so much as turn your head away for even a second.

Dartmouth in England

Dartmouth in England

Of course most parts of the UK remain cloudy and wet throughout the year. But the occasional peeping of the sun in between showers can actually treat you to several natural wonders. Case in point; Dartmouth where the famous ‘Double Rainbow’ was witnessed back in October 2010.

The stunning sight was more than enough to make people go gaga over it. And ever since then, the locals await the rains (and the ensuing sunshine) to catch glimpses of the wonder again. Maybe this would be the perfect excuse for you to visit Dartmouth then!

Glastonbury in England

Some of us tend to get to frustrated with the rain that we remain indoors all day, sulking about how the weather spoiled our plans.  But the residents of Glastonbury in England do not take the rain as a hindrance and carry on with their daily activities irrespective of how hard it rains.

This may be due to the fact Glastonbury (also called Glasto) is located in a flood prone area known for is torrential rains and huge showers. This pretty much means that everyone living here is used to the water, mud and slush that come with the rains.  This also means that they tend to go on with their daily lives and carry on with their activities irrespective of the climate. And that goes for the annual ‘Glastonbury Festival’ as well.

Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean

Filled with lush vegetation, the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean sits right in the path of tropical cyclones that originate in this part of the ocean. As a result, the island is usually directly hit by the cyclones or is grazed by them. And this more or less contributes to most of the rainfall experienced by the island the year around. Reunion Island is a hikers haven though, and contains several beautiful hiking trails, stunning waterfalls, towering mountains, picturesque beaches and even an active volcano. Just be sure that you don’t visit it during cyclone season though!



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