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Best places to see in Bali

An Indonesian Island located in the Western Sunda Islands; Bali is one of the most famous places of tourist attractions. Bali is a beautiful island with still vibrant and maintained native culture. You can have a wonderful experience in Bali with the ancient buildings, temples, traditional dances and ceremonies. Spend a vacation in Bali and spoil yourself with some of the best tourist spots. Here are some of the popular tourist attractions in Bali where you can treat yourself with some good time and experience:

  • Ground Zero– A monument located on Legion Street to commemorate the victims of the bomb tragedy in Bali in 2002, this monument has a large painted leaf like structure in the entrance symbolizing the universe, below which you can see the names of the victims. The unique architecture and the brilliant Balinese carvings are sure to keep you mesmerized.
  • Kuta Beach– Take a walk along this famous beach in Bali and enjoy the absolutely exquisite view of the sunset. With crystal clear blue water, white sand and palm trees lines along the beach as far as your eyes can take you, Kuta beach is definitely a breathtaking place in the lap of nature.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana– Standing upright on the hill Unggasan, this is a torso of Lord Vishnu with a height of twenty meters. This torso is itself a popular tourist attraction because of the shape, design and make and the area is noted for its beautiful scenery. You can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset and cultural entertainment like Kecak dance and Barong dance throughout the day.
  • Tanah Lot– Located on the coastal side of Beraban countryside, this is a temple built on a rock of three acre size and at a distance of twenty meters from the coastal mouth. This place is a marvelous spot for tourists because, here being at the unique location you can watch from the temple, waves crash at the coral nooks and the sun slowly setting to the earth’s stomach.
  • Nusa Dua Bali– This is an elite resort area with lot of international hotels and resorts located on the coastal side of south Bali. You can pamper yourself here with luxury accommodations in villas, walks along beautiful beaches and amuse yourself with tennis, squash and golf.
  • Uluwatu– A very favourite tourist attraction especially for adventure lovers, this place has a lush green ridge from where a challenging sea looks out. If you love surfing, you can play with the wild waves here and if you are in love with nature, this place will give you the perfect beauty, tranquility and make you fall in love with the place.
  • Ubud– Also known as the cultural centre of Bali, this place will offer you a different beauty altogether. Ubud is noted for its tranquility, natural landscapes that are exquisite and the unending simple yet elegant rice fields. Ubud will offer you the ambience of a traditional village with the beautiful views of green paddy fields and other than this, you can also visit the Goa Gaja cave and Mount Kawi.
  • Tanjung Benoa– This spot in Bali will offer you a variety of water sport activities other than just surfing. You can enjoy a day here with snorkeling, parasailing, diving, jet ski and flying fish with an instructor always by your side to guide you and ensure your safety.
  • Jimbaran Beach– A perfect place in Bali meant to visit at night, this beach is a popular tourist attraction because of its amazing night views of the Jimbaran beach. With small cafes lined along the beach bustling with activities, you can taste varieties of sea food. Definitely visit the beach with your partner to have the best romantic experience. Take a walk along the beach or enjoy a romantic dinner while looking at the beautiful beach illuminated by torch lights and spoil your partner.
  • Kintamani– A district in Bangli regency, this place will give you breathtaking views of hills at 18 degrees celcius. The main attraction of this place is Lake Batur surrounded by Mount Batur. The majestic and beautiful hills seem to augment the calmness and the beauty of the lake. Visit this place and be one with nature in Bali.

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