Ontario’s vast Algonquin Provincial Park

About: Algonquin Provincial Park

The Algonquin Provincial Park is situated in Central Ontario and was established in 1893. The park covers an area around 7,653 square kilometers, and is the oldest provincial park in Canada. The park comprises of forests, hundreds of lakes, and rivers. Visitors can enjoy more than 1,500 km of canoe routes, many of them interconnected by portage paths.

It is very popular among visitors for its abundant wildlife, camping, and fishing. Nestled between Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario, the park incorporates a northern coniferous forest and southern deciduous forest. There are several varieties of trees and ecosystems in the park.

The park houses different species of wildlife including 45 species of mammals, 262 species of birds, and 30 species of reptiles and amphibians. Further, it holds about 1000 plant species. Trails are available for hikers, ranging from short leisurely walk to treks of several days duration. Visitors can explore the park by walking, bicycling or skiing. Along the Highway 60, there are eight organized campgrounds, which can accommodate tents or trailers. Here, visitors can spot some tracks of deer, moose, fox and wolves or even the animals themselves.

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