Ontario – Canada

Ontario - Canada

Ontario is a rural tourism destination located in Canada. The region is one of the most popular rural tourism destinations. It is known for its agricultural tourism, where people can explore the orchards and agricultural land. It is the second largest province in the country and it was named after Ontario Lake.

The Region has three main climatic regions as visitors may experience cold, dry, and arctic air during winters. The varied landscapes of the region includes rocky, vast, mineral-rich Canadian Shield. This shield separates the grassy lowlands from the fertile farmland.

It is a wonderful place to visit, especially for nature lovers. It is a small region and houses about 13.5 million people. Most of them are immigrants who came here in the search of new jobs and other works. Visitors can find different culture and religion in different parts of the region. It is an opportunity for people to explore different culture and religion. Though, agriculture is the major source of income of Ontario people and visitors can get a chance to explore apple orchards and different agricultural fields. They can also find many accommodation facilities available in the region and can enjoy their tour is a better way.

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